Other than this it may be your dice unit that doesn’t work and is actually not being recognise properly. With more than 2 million posts our community is one of the most active groups of Volvo owners in the world. I just cant get the usb comm light to come on which I guess the problem: What’s happening with it exactly? From where or whom did you buy the DICE? You may have received a faulty one.

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LEDs are blue volvo dice usb – not multi-coloured This may be significant which is why I asked. I didn’t have a computer to test volvo dice usb the unit, tried it with Forddiesel’s computer and it does’t communicate. When i open device manager, the DiCE hardware is shown in there but has a yellow circle with an “! A USB cable can be used as an alternative to Bluetooth. Newer Post Older Post Home. To set DiCE as the default communication tool, see section 1. Are you using the DICE with a 12v adaptor???

Hi, Having just had very similar problems myself, very recently on setting volvo dice usb my new system and getting the very same errors on the diagnostic part volvo dice usb the VIDA software. Sometimes when there are USB errors, reinstalling your Chipset drivers helps. The DiCE is a chinese copy – not a genuine one. I need to work my way back into the past with versions until one works. It’s worked for me.


Installing the USB driver for DiCE

volvo dice usb Have a windows XP SP3 machine, clean install, i have installed Vida b with the patch and Vida starts up and works ok.

I doubt it is the firmware in the Dice. Bottom line, i found that i had to match the vida version to the compatible firmware version on the dice. Looks like volvo dice usb faulty DICE.

Hang unit where it is visible or place on the roof top through the driver’s window.

It looks like one of those quirky events that ussb OS’s volvo dice usb up now and again for no good reason. DiCE unit has a flashing green light for firmware status, no other lights on. Carry out the instructions below. Where can I get volvo dice usb versions of the driver from to try? Put the ignition key in position II. Not sure if this has helped Thanks in advance Duncan.

You may have received a faulty one. Once i got it working, then i could update the driver and firmware release by release to get to the level i wanted.


I have it working volvo dice usb Vida version b program and using the drivers from D, volvo dice usb is it ok to stay on this or should i attempt to update the firmware to a later level?

volvo vida dice bluetooth usb

Check the registry to see if it at any point has been detected. If i open up vida or the dice diagnostics it picks up a dice unit as it shows an id number, but if volvo dice usb try to connect with either it fails.

I hope it is as ive tried the uninstall bit, even tried a difference version of driver But this isnt going to help you at this moment in time. Open VIDA once icon has gone green. I now can get comms with volvo dice usb version dice diagnostics: All volvo dice usb functions regarding vehicle diagnostics and software downloading remain the same as with VCT I have zipped the driver files into a.