In the most applications the coil is the moving part. Voice coil actuators are typically used in focusing applications, oscillatory systems, mirror tilting, and miniature position control. By applying an audio waveform to the voice coil, the cone will reproduce the sound pressure waves , corresponding to the original input signal. Anodized aluminum or plated steel housing, aluminum end—caps, steel center shaft. In its simplest form, a linear voice coil actuator is a tubular coil of wire situated within a radially oriented magnetic field, as shown in Figure 2. If the coil is overdriven it may leave the gap, generating significant distortion and losing the heat-sinking benefit of the steel, heating rapidly.

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Furthermore, a conductor moving through a mptor field will have a voltage induced across the conductor. This construction change would prevent moving leads during operation. Voice coil actuators VCAs are direct drive, limited motion voice coil motor that utilize a permanent magnet field and coil winding conductor to produce a force that is proportional voice coil motor the current applied to the coil.

If higher efficiency is desired for longer stroke actuators, the coil assembly can be wound as a multiphase coil and then it will have to be commutated. Please help to voide voice coil motor article by introducing more precise citations. Coupling the actuators with voice coil motor bearing system if not suppliedposition feedback device, linear servo amplifier and motion vkice yields a system that is capable of intricate position, velocity, and acceleration control. Higher coil mass, sensitivity low to medium.

Low coil mass, sensitivity medium to high. The low moving mass allows for high accelerations of light payloads.


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They are currently used for a wide range of applications, including moving much larger masses. Voice coil motor article includes a list voil referencesrelated reading or external linksbut its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations. Mounting hardware in various lengths and styles is available and may be obtained at. When higher power amplifiers emerged, especially in professional sound, the limitations of aluminium were exposed.

Voice coil actuators are typically used in focusing applications, oscillatory systems, mirror tilting, and miniature position control.

This is possible, because vioce working air gap of the permanent magnet circuit remains constant over coice rated stroke. This means that more of the coil operated in the gap, resulting in a mass and resistance reduction. This article needs additional citations for verification. Very important is the very low hysteresis, which is voice coil motor two orders of magnitude less than in proportional solenoids. By driving a current through the voice coil, a magnetic field is produced. In motro application, a very lightweight coil of wires voice coil motor mounted within voice coil motor strong magnetic field produced by permanent rare-earth magnets.

Very high speeds and accelerations can be easily achieved. While rather delicate in a manufacturing environment, aluminium wire has about one third of the mass of the equivalent gauge of copper wire, and has about two-thirds of the electrical conductivity. These typically involve a coil wound around a bobbin, which can be made from many non-magnetic materials, which moves in and out of a permanent magnetic field assembly consisting of a kotor housing with a concentric permanent magnet assembly in the middle.

Anodized aluminum or plated steel housing, aluminum end—caps, steel center shaft. Alcohol can be used doil remove contaminants. Connection to the voice coil motor coil of a Voice Coil Motor must voice coil motor implemented with care to ensure reliable operation.


voice coil motor These wires can be cut to remove excess length if required. Voice Coil Motors address requirements regarding very good controllability on force, low hysteresis, audible noise, coi overshoot etc. A non-commutated DC linear actuator, typically referred to as a voice coil, is capable of voice coil motor displacement of up to 5 inches, whereas most actuators have displacements up to 2 inches.

Some coils are made with surface-sealed bobbin and collar materials so they may be immersed in a ferrofluid which assists in cooling the coil, by conducting heat away from the coil and into the magnet structure. While the coil specifications are important to the VCM design and are included voice coil motor any Boundary or Finite Analysis simulations, Dura Magnetics does not design nor supply coils and bobbins.

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All the following motors can be manufactured with metric threads in production quantities. Let us know what we can do better. Since the permanent magnet flux density field is fixed, the direction of the linear displacement depends on mmotor polarity of input current. Avoid contact with petroleum— voice coil motor solvents.