Over the course of an hour playing Blacklight Retribution I have managed by changing various sound settings to generate sound distortion from the headset. I have tested this headset over the last 10 days and have to say how happy I have been with its performance. This allows you to disconnect the headset from your gaming rig without having the trouble of unplugging all the cables. It doesn’t quite deliver on the surround sound experience and actually requires a 5. Turtle Beach have also included a Velcro wire clip for keeping the wire tidy. The overall sound quality of the headset is excellent.

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Skip to main content. The foam is just over a centimetre turtle beach z6 width which allows heat to escape during turtle beach z6 use. Is there anywhere I can go to get these drivers? At first the foam was fairly stiff with veach little give, but over time it has become soft and more comfortable to wear. The X12 and Recon 50 headsets do not have or need drivers for PC use.

This was a game breaker for me! The headset connected to the in-line control box via the in-line connector and once the control box was switched on sound was heard from my rig. He currently covers consumer electronics in the PC Labs as the in-house home entertainment expert Over the course of an beeach playing Blacklight Retribution I have managed by changing various sound settings to generate sound distortion from the headset.

Despite not having the sound isolation of more expensive, dedicated over-the-ear headphones that focus entirely on keeping outside noise turtle beach z6 of the ears and making voice communication sound awkward, since you can’t hear yourself welldeep notes z66 full and undistorted.


Turtle Beach Z6A Black/Blue Headband Headsets

Is the i60 being used with a PC? It has several individual drivers placed around the cup to produce the surround sound effect, like the AX Pro. Make July 19, Subscribing to turtle beach z6 newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It’s no Tiamat, but it is utrtle great turtle beach z6 headset.

What I would like to do is know the positions of the wheels so that if they are accidently changed or even deliberately I can put them turtle beach z6 to the desired position easily. Great value It’s no Tiamat, but it is a great gaming headset. The always on aspect of the microphone monitor is due to the fact that there appears to be beaach way of disabling it! My only real complaint is that turtle beach z6 is no bezch marks or numbers on the wheels.

The remote is a small, black block with multiple dials, including wheels to control front, center, surround, and subwoofer turtle beach z6, a mic muting switch, and a main volume knob which you’ll likely use far more than the individual channel wheels.

As with everything there are two sides to every story so read on to see turtle beach z6 are the highs and lows areā€¦. I have tested this headset over the last 10 days and have to say how happy I have been with its performance. Turtle Beach Headband Headset Headphones.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Z6A Headset Review | KitGuru

As I still have the headset I thought I would investigate further. The Turtle Beach Ear Turtle beach z6 Z6A headset will be tested using my rig running windows 7 64bit service pack 1 with all relevant drivers installed. It also allows you to keep the cable untangled as you can unplug the headset and let the cable straighten itself before turtle beach z6, something which has always caused me grief with my current headset after a few weeks of gaming.


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TB Admin October 31, August 23rd, at The different channels blend together, making listening sound more like an enhanced stereo experience. In our bass test track, The Knife’s “Silent Shout,” the headset handled the intense, flat bass notes without cracking or distorting.

In my example this was fan noise from my gaming turtle beach z6 which is situated at turtle beach z6 hight about 1m from my position. Design The headset has an attractive, metallic aesthetic to it, with mostly black ear cups trimmed in chrome and blue.

A rotary on-off volume switch is positioned at the end of the in-line control box near the wire leading to the headset. Reports from fellow team members, via Ventrillo have been complementary heach turtle beach z6 my voice is clear and consistent.

The headset connects to the control box via the in line connector which looks well manufactured and should provide years of service. You may also like.