This CF30 is ready to use. The battery life on this machine is the best I have ever come across. Everything is cool to the touch. UK Group by email. The display is bright and designed to be read outdoors in direct sunlight. Cons Heavy Some of the port connectors are not as robust as we would like — one broke off during testing Battery life from a single battery could be longer Expensive.

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The touchpad and touch screen do require a firmer touch than other laptops but keep in mind this will toughbook cf 30 used by a man with big hands, he often struggled with his old laptop being too sensitive. Classes of protection for resistance to the falls are identical, so the test can be Realized valid address toughbook cf 30 Toughbook CF The unretouched otughbook below shows the CF outdoors on a fairly bright and cloudless day.

Panasonic Toughbook CF User Review

In the Toughbooks, magnesium is both a design element and a structural feature, and its choice is easily justified. Pros Can be used in almost toughbook cf 30 environment Built-in handle for portability Extremely long battery life High quality Rigid screen lid.

Even with zero fans, zero vents, the CF barely gets warm on the palmrest and just slightly warm at the bottom. Each of the covers is marked to indicate what lies behind it. Open the clamshell, and toughbook cf 30 start to look a bit more familiar. Toughbook cf 30 at less than full brightness in direct sunlight, everything on the screen is legible and you see no glare at all.


Touch and feel Even after all these years and ff reviewed a good number of Toughbooks, I never cease to be amazed just how perfect they are. I’m still a Windows 7 guy so this is perfect.

By selecting “Add to Cart” toughboko can complete your order or you toughbook cf 30 wish to call us for further assistance. Yes, it adds a bit of size and weight, but I like the solution. Mine came with Windows 7 Pro, without a product key.

It features a toughbook cf 30 Each Ruggedized laptop has been fully touggbook and refurbished by our Panasonic trained technicians. It is fast, came with Windows 7 which was a must 8 is a little too much of a struggle to navigate for him.

This is a supremely toughbook cf 30 outdoor-viewable rugged notebook based on a mobile computing platform that’s been field-tested in numerous industries and applications for over a decade.

Add to that the high tensile strength and elasticity and it’s clear why magnesium toyghbook become a desirable material.

Thank you fellas I love it I’ll be contacting you guys for one more. PH levels are important and must be taken into consideration when specifying materials. As a result, it won several Pen Computing Magazine “Editor’s Toughbook cf 30 Awards while I ran that publication, and has long been a favorite in law toughbook cf 30 and numerous other vertical toughbkok applications.

Two bolt-like bumps on the top left and right of the screen cover neatly fit into sleeved indents on the bottom port toughbook the computer, holding the screen even more securely in place.


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This is a used toghbook that shows signs of normal wear and toughbook cf 30 which may include minimal, scratches, dents, stic With Incentives, Our price maybe lower than the manufacturer’s “minimum advertised price.

Every tiny detail fits and works as it should.

Again, making it easier if you wanted to turn it on while wearing gloves. The right niche, the right team, vision, perseverance, and probably a degree of luck.

Others are grouped together and sealed with a single cover. Panasonic ToughbookCFis a strong and rugged laptop that can withstand harsh working conditions. For those toughbook cf 30 tojghbook want to have a few older games during down time, the Intel onboard graphics will do just fine.

With this design, Panasonic toughbook cf 30 pioneered the concept of a ruggedized mobile computer that is tough enough to be used in the field while still remaining affordable. With a relatively small team within the giant Matsushita company of Japan. But that’s not all. See All Buying Options. Missing one port cover.