If you are suggested to try to remove it as I was by the seller after specifically asking about it just do check twice that you are not going to break your machine: On top, the big textured band from side to side to continue with the style of the holes for the stereo speakers On top of the keyboard, next to the screen, you have a textured plastic band all along the width of the laptop, presumably just to continue with the design of the little holes that you need to make in the case in order to allow the sound of the two speakers, at its sides. Trubrite means a glossy, shinier and more crisp and expensive kind of screen, as most companies have a similar option nowadays under other fancy names like X-brite, X-black, SuperBright or ClearView , producing vivid colours as those from a CRT monitor on the bad side, they tend to be more reflective than the traditional matte finish. Toshiba said that, as with the Trubrite screen issue, there has been a series of unusual communication problems here too, leading to a regrettable and unintentional situation. Even when that is in fact too bright, I was able to get only 5 more minutes under the same intensive use when I tested it with the brightness set at mid level level 4 out of 8. But understand me right:

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Tecra A4 Underside view larger image With 2. At this price point, the specification consists of an Intel Celeron M processor, which has a clock speed of 1.

Toshiba Tecra A4 Review (pics, specs)

With the software as it comes you toshiba tecra a4 pta40e left with Visit our network of sites: I find those two buttons very usefully located. The top of the display panel the back of the screen is that sort of silver-golden-greenish toshiba tecra a4 pta40e, like the one so popular in the inside of Acer Aspire laptops. The colour of the alternative key options those that you access through the Fn key is a bluish dark grey that I find rather difficult to see against the black keyboard under low-light conditions; a lighter grey would have been better.

Would I recommend you to buy the Tecra A4 under normal conditions, already knowing what the true specs are? The Toshiba Tecra A4 is a likeable and highly usable machine.


A detail of the keyboard, with the overlaid number keypad and the dark colour used tkshiba the alternative functions of the keys, and the toshiba tecra a4 pta40e indicating it has been locked view larger image The touchpad is pretty standard, with a smooth dark surface, and the two buttons do not feel either too stiff or too soft. Only time will tell.

The Toshiba tecra a4 pta40e A4 is a widescreen machine that is aimed at desktop replacement users looking for a degree of portability. The temperature was usually between C, even after benchmarking it.

Anyway, if not for the fact that I thought I was buying something different, the screen is fine, and I confirmed that I really like the wide form factor 8: And just 2 s less by rebooting without those applications running. This means the keyboard sits firmly in the centre of the chassis and toshiba tecra a4 pta40e for a natural and comfortable typing position.

I personally think that it may be a pain having to remove them, but on the other side some apps may deserve a try to see if you find them useful. The keyboard has the same feel and spacing toshiba tecra a4 pta40e an IBM ThinkPad, but the keys have a great deal of travel, which means the user has to strike quite hard for them to respond.

Toshiba Tecra A4 (PTA40) Notebook Drivers Download

Widescreen laptops can often suffer from keyboard placement, with some manufacturers choosing to place the keyboard too far to the left.

You will not tolerate the man in your local groceries store telling you that you are buying apples and putting oranges in your bag intentionally or because he does not know what he sellsso I think that Toshiba UK should be taking much more care when selling stuff of more than a thousand pounds.

You also have the opening for the fan and another vent nearby that I imagine is for passive cooling no toshiba tecra a4 pta40e on those in the manualthe battery toshiba tecra a4 pta40e two latches for locking and removing it, and some screws that you may need to remove if you want, for example, to add a memory module.


That meant buying a rather new laptop so it will not be outdated too soon with a big and clear screen to use it many hours per daylots of memory or upgradeable for future software requirementsa CD toshiba tecra a4 pta40e, and a modest dedicated graphics card.

Tecra A4-S Support | Toshiba

Wireless connectivity comes in the form of The screen of the Tecra A4 is a good one, bright and crisp, but completely standard: The Toshiba Tecra range of laptops is aimed at business users and comes in a wide number of formats. Toshiba says it will give you up to 2: In fact, toshiba tecra a4 pta40e even have the slot on the toshiba tecra a4 pta40e side and the machine is marked as having it, but the slot is blocked by a neat and irritating piece of black plastic.

There are also green light indicators for Caps lock on the key itself and for when the keypad or the arrows alternative keystrokes are active on a dark translucent bar between the main keyboard and the function keys. The people can be very helpful, as they have been with toshibw, but there is not much that they can toshiba tecra a4 pta40e to respond for this.

Toshiba Tecra A4 PTA4OE | TechRadar

It is very bright indeed: There were three major spec items on the Toshiba website that did not correspond to what I actually got:. Design and build quality Most of what you can see is plastic or toshiba tecra a4 pta40e to be to the best of my knowledge as you may expect for a machine priced in this range.

It would mean putting even more money aprox. A loud optical drive on a laptop is annoying. While the keyboard isn’t as comfortable as we would have toshiba tecra a4 pta40e, this is a small sacrifice in a machine that offers the latest components, albeit it at a stripped-down specification and price. Oh, yes, the specifications!