The counteracting forces are applied by rams which are typically hydraulically powered, but may also be electrically powered or powered by hand. A problem with the dies of Mock ‘ is that the top surfaces of the dies are flat and therefore do not provide a precise, mating engagement of the dies with the pipe. The bolts 42 screw into threaded bolt holes 44 in the body The ram 18 A or 18 B may be powered by a hydraulic system, by an electric motor system, by hand or any equivalent device. The top faces 46 of the inserts 30 , when positioned in the slots 28 , define an arc of a circle. A first end plate 38 and a second end plate 40 retain the inserts 30 in the slots

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API Slip insert and tong die and tong jaw for sale. The gripping assembly of claim 16 wherein the tong die inserts are in contact with two-thirds of a circumference of the pipe. Each jaw cie has tong die body with a cylindrical hollow defined in the body and having longitudinal slots formed in the body. API dies tong die slip black well drilling all types tong dies.

Howard Supply Company – Tubing Tong Dies

It is important that the face 34 of the slot 28 is flat to permit easy sliding of the inserts 30 into the slots The jaw assembly also has toothed tong die inserts that fit into tong die slots and provide for frictional engagement of the jaw assembly with the pipe.

When placed in the slots, the top faces of the inserts define a circle that tong die substantially the same radius as the radius of the pipe that is held between the jaw assemblies. The second end plate 40 is welded tong die the body There have been many patents directed to dir construction and operation of pipe tongs and their components.


This cross-sectional shape for the slots 28 naturally tnog the insert 30 within the tong die 28 in reaction to any force that would tend to dislodge the tong die insert 30 from the slot The jaw assembly of claim 1 wherein top faces of each tong die insert are arcuate.

This is particularly important for in-the-field replacement of the inserts tong die where the inserts 30 must be changed very quickly.

API hydraulic power tong dies and jaws tong die for oilfield. A cross section of any one the slots 28 is generally trapezoidal or dove-tailed in shape, with a top boundary tong die each slot 28 being open.

This is particularly important tong die in-the-field replacement of the inserts 30 tong die the inserts 30 may need to be changed very quickly. However, when a die set wears out, one must either discard the die set or carry out extensive machining to restore the gripping effectiveness of the die set.

US20020108748A1 – Replaceable tong die inserts for pipe tongs – Google Patents

Pipe tongs were originally powered by hand and to some tong die still are. Tong die combination of using 1 two jaw assemblies with 2 at least three slots 28 for each jaw assembly is a combination that provides an effective balance of gripping ability and cost effectiveness. About product and suppliers: The gripping assembly of claim 16 further comprising a ram tong die to each jaw assembly to apply an inward force to each corresponding jaw assembly.

dir The present invention provides a gripping assembly for pipe tongs that grip and rotate a pipe. Yancheng Dongkai Petroleum Machinery Co. A gripping assembly for pipe tongs is provided to grip and rotate a pipe. High quality steel Grabs Tong die lower tongs head sleeve tongs. The top tong die 46 of the inserts 30when positioned in the slots 28define an arc of a circle.

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Goldenman Petroleum Equipment Co. Workers use pipe tongs to thread or unthread pipe together to form or take apart a drill string.

At least one of the end plates is removably attached to the body so the removable plate may be temporarily removed, the tong die insert tong die, and the removable end plate put back in place.

Tong die inserts 30 not visible in Tomg. China shoe die China die core China cable tong die China puzzle dies China die cut hole China rie die.

Several segments of pipe assembled tong die are often referred to as a drill string. Power tong apparatus tong die making and breaking connections between lengths of small diameter tubing. The jaw assembly of claim 1 wherein the slots are separated from tonh another by struts that extend in a longitudinal direction of the cylindrical hollow.

Inserts & Dies

Thus, it is apparent that it would be much tong die cost-effective to have a replaceable gripping surface for the die. Horizontal drilling tong die typically performed only when there is some obstacle tojg vertical drilling because horizontal drilling is much more expensive.

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