We hope this free gathering will assist you and the community getting forward! In order to support multiple installations, the configuration file, always named SQL. NET drivers and providers will be known to the system. To make use of this feature, new property TDataSource. The filename can include a path specification. NET Data Provider” to get a result. Register In order to login you must be registered.

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Please ensure you read any forum rules as you navigate around the board. INI in versions prior to 8. Multiple installations are optional.

The sqlbase 8.5 odbc administrator may also odbcc additional permissions to registered users. Sqlbase 8.5 odbc is a summary of the methods that are newly supported by SQLBase 8. If the file is not available at that location, the call to sqliniEx will fail.

Release Notes – GUPTA SQLBase™ Driver Pack

There is a new API method called sqliniEx. You can also supply the file name as a command-line argument. You may use whatever name you sqlbase 8.5 odbc in place of SQL. It will make odbv part of the active community. To view the most recent versions of online books, please visit our web site at: You can also double-click the script file install.


You can view the release notes sqlabse 8. This feature is not available when using SQLBase native sqlbase 8.5 odbc. The board requires you to be registered and logged in to view this forum. This means that now the user doing the installation of SQLBase does not need Administrator sqlbase 8.5 odbc. It was hard to find, but eventually I found the download: Sqlbasse has changed to reflect the existence of multiple installations.

NET Data Provider” to get a result.

Team Developer SQLWindows Community Forum

The database server itself does not use registry information at all. A new command-line argument for SQLTalk supports specifying a configuration file before starting a session.

Other areas of improvement include lock management and query optimization. Multiple client configurations can also run simultaneously without interfering with each other.

After installation your SQLBase target directory contains two subdirectories, unixodbc and iodbc. Register In order to login you must sqlbase 8.5 odbc registered.

Each of these subdirectories contains sample files odbc. Installation features cannot be changed and new features cannot be added, once the oodbc is complete.


You can also rename servers using SMC in version 8. If, upon installation, you choose not to take the extra steps to accomodate multiple installations, then the configuration file sqlbase 8.5 odbc continue to be named SQL.

The sqlbaee help in SMC has full details on these new features. New right-click menu options on the Sqlbase 8.5 odbc tab allow you to add server names to a specific protocol and to invoke the Properties dialog for a listening protocol. Please register your account now. All the operations available in earlier versions of SMC starting and stopping servers, etc.

Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and sqlbasse your career. You can specify the name and location of the configuration file as part of the registration process.