I am Christina Aguilera Member Sep 29, I’ve been using the Tomee version for years, great pad for retro and retro styled games. Then realized it had several sellers. Psykotik Member Sep 29, And yet I still just ordered one. They ever come up with a wireless SNES controller? It’s what I use to play binding of isaac.

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I’ve had nothing but bad times with clone controllers in the past.

Raspberry Pi Compatible USB Gamepad / Controller (“SNES” Style)

You must log in or register snes usb controller reply here. TheChaos0 Member Sep 29, Later on the next snes usb controller was coming along and Sega jumped in the with the DreamCast while Sony made the most successful console controllre all time: Sir TapTap Member Sep 29, I didn’t even know they still made these things.

Oh well, no regrets. Subscribed so I can pick one of these babies up at some point.

Raspberry Pi Compatible USB Gamepad / Controller (“SNES” Style) – The Pi Hut

Melon Husk Member Sep 29, Is there any controller that sort of hits the middle ground between retro bit style controls and modern ones with analog sticks and such? Genesis 6 button or bust. I call snes usb controller on this.

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Discussions Gaming Discussion JavaScript is disabled. These are all so beautiful. Do they make one with the superior North American buttons?

I think I found the best third party SNES USB controller | NeoGAF

D-pad also feels great, it’s been awhile since I’ve used a good snes usb controller. Wow, take a look at this one: However each controller took 3 or 4 triple A batteries. Interesting, I looked for a decent USB controller a while ueb but couldn’t find one. I believe the snes can snes usb controller the controllers at 1.

I did not know these even existed. And yet I still just ordered one.

Does anyone use it on linux? I got that snez on amazon for like 12 bucks a while back. The DreamCast controller was terrible being huge and bulky with a LCD screen snes usb controller tried to be inventive and let you interact with games that put snes usb controller stats and also interacted with the memory card.

Member Sep 29, Then realized it had several sellers. Josephl64 Member Sep 28, Member Sep 28, The buttons are in the right spot for SNES, so it’s snes usb controller. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.


Went snes usb controller the Amazon page, saw that it said “One left in stock” I panicked and bought it instantly. The Real Napsta Member Sep 29, It felt odd at first for me because I had to snes usb controller used to how hollow the controller felt, but rather than that it’s my favorite controller. Yeah it’s a great controller. Nintendojitsu Banned Sep 29,