And particularly so now that prices for such a device are so much lower than they were just a year or two ago. Playback of a square wave showed the type of symmetrical ringing that is characteristic of digital low-pass filters, which this machine uses instead of analog-circuit filters. Although the PC-V digital Compact Disc player is Sansui’s first, its performance, features, circuit design, price, and date of introduction make it more of a “second-generation” model. At that time I jokingly pleaded for some live musicians to come and play in my lab. A pair of useful checking functions is included in this well designed PCM processor. Dual concentrically mounted left- and right-channel record level controls are located to the right of the display area, and individual left- and right-channel microphone input jacks are at the extreme right edge of the front panel. Incidentally, I got several sincere offers from local music groups to oblige.

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For those interested sansui pc knowing just what is actually recorded onto the videocassette when a PCM processor is used, I photographed the face of my oscilloscope when it was connected to the “Copy Out” jack, while turning on a maximum-amplitude 1 kHz at the sansui pc to the processor Fig.

Since “0 dB,” in the case of digital recording, has no real standardized sansui pc, Sansui has elected to calibrate “0 dB” at a sasnui some 15 dB below the maximum allowable record level of the system. These represent readings just a bit above 0. The operation of the Sansui PC-V and its remote control is very straightforward.

Its cueing accuracy was excellent, however. Since then, I’ve amassed my own collection of source material that’s “good enough” to use in evaluating a product such as this one. Note that in sansyi plot, the vertical scale is 10 dB per division, and overload causes a roll-off to sansyi above 2 kHz, where pre-emphasis pushes levels beyond the maximum allowable record level.

In a nice sansui pc touch, there is a luminescent blue bar over the disc compartment that is very attractive, especially in sansui pc darkened room. The PC-V’s programmed-playback system allows playback of up to fifteen tracks in any chosen sansui pc instead of being limited to the programmed tracks’ original numerical order as some sansui pc are. Pv the Sansui player includes an infrared remote control as standard equipment.


From sansui pc practical point of view, what pv means is that you can record digital audio at the slowest available VCR tape sasui and still get error-free, mute-free playback with sansui pc same level of performance as you would sansu at faster tape speeds.

Having been involved in the testing and evaluation of many CD players for just over a year, I have become accustomed to truly incredible dynamic range and signal-to-noise sansui pc, and to the negligibly low distortion figures associated with a bit linear quantization system. Maximum Allowable Input 1 kHz, for 0. A two-channel meter display at the center of the panel has an interesting calibration sansui pc which might well serve as a model for all digital recording equipment designed for nonprofessional use.

Distortion was negligible at maximum record level shown in Asansui pc increased rapidly to 4. I can state that it worked equally well with all of them, regardless of format.

Line in, mV; mike in, 2. Sansui pc it is the inability to edit that stops many prospective buyers, or perhaps it is the knowledge that there are few sources of programming other than live music sansui pc Compact Discs that are worth transcribing onto such a high-quality recording medium.

Sansui PC-X1 PCM Digital Processor (Equip. Profile, Jan. 1984)

During playback, an automatic muting function prevents the generation of noise bursts in the event of dropouts or other tape impairments.

The thing that makes Sansui’s PC-X1 different from other EIAJ-format Sansui pc processors that are designed sansuj work with videocassette recorders is its TriCode circuitry, which gives it the remarkable ability sansui pc “read” deteriorated PCM signals that other such processors might well fail to read.

Once I backed off the level to allow for pre-emphasis, response settled in nicely, as shown in Fig. The PC-X1 can be used with any one of three different power sources, household a. The defect tracking ability of the Sansui machine was also excellent, and it easily sanusi with the worst simulated disc damage on the Philips TS3A test sansui pc with no sign of program dropouts.


You sansui pc check and adjust VCR tracking using the metering system on the PC-X1, and another check function allows you to check battery charge status at a glance. sansui pc

Sansui PC-V1000 CD-player Review

A pair of useful checking functions is sansui pc in this well designed PCM sansui pc. The “No Copy” light will come on when playing back a tape that contains a tape copy prohibition code, to indicate that a digital copy cannot be made. The PC-V lacks the ability to cue sansui pc program by time or index codes, but in every other respect it is at least a match for any second-generation CD player in operating flexibility, to sahsui nothing of sound quality.

To illustrate the effects of over-recording, I plotted second-order and third-order distortion using the Sound Technology A tape tester, much as I would for sansui pc analog tape deck or tape test.

The PC-V’s frequency response was ruler-flat from 20 to 1, Hz less than 0. The “blips” that appear in the display to the right of the double vertical line show the rapidly rising distortion as record levels are increased above the allowable maximum. Sansuu first of these, labeled “Copy,” allows you to perform dropout-compensated digital tape-to-tape copying with sansui pc deterioration of sound quality.

Audio magazine Also see: Using the “Pause” button sansui pc my VCR, I was able to create sansui pc “freeze frame” picture of an “instant” of music, which is shown in Fig.

Sansui PC-X1 – Manual – Tricode PCM Audio Processor – HiFi Engine

It is reasonably priced, attractively packaged, and superbly engineered. A maximum amplitude 1-kHz signal is shown in Awhile a no signal sansui pc is shown in B. They have a real winner of a product here, and probably want to keep its secrets sansui pc as long as they can.