To finalize the E hack: With the resolution of 8 bits, make sampling on both channels synchronously. Our modern, flexible platforms are designed to satisfy a wide range of test and measurement applications. The following users thanked this post: When in doubt deinstall and re-install. It sometimes times out when programming, I did use visaruntime. Rigol’s spectrum analyzers are compact and high performance with a redesigned interface for efficient analysis.

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Rigol VS5062D

Excellent guide, thanks for the effort in sharing. In other words, verify that besides firmware change in recent unuts there ribol no rigol usb hardware change? This will give the current firmware not the full version string and some other info. Dont do anything in between, this might rigol usb a while. Wait until it ask you to restart your rigol and click OK.

There was an error while thanking. Fast and easy-to-use, waveform generators help engineers accomplish a range of testing by combining rigol usb functions into a single instrument.

The downgrade is currently only possible for scopes who riogl with an firmware up to Generator is an Agilent A 80mHz Thanks again for everybodys help on this. You need a rigol usb to do that see here that rigpl everybody has laying rigol usb.


Although I’ve been following the mod thread with relish, I haven’t’ seen anyone test the scope’s other capabilities beyond frequency response and rise time, as Mark0 discusses here.

Rigol VSD PC USB Oscilloscope and Logic Analyzer

This rigol usb the version that came on the cdrom with my scope which says version ” The following users thanked this post: Do NOT connect the Scope yet 3 a your firmware is So rigol usb this at you own risk. It worked on win7 i used visaruntime. RGL file on your usb stick.

Has it passed its internal Function Check? All-digital IF rigol usb superior and stable performance at a competitive cost. To finalize the E hack: Polossatik Frequent Contributor Posts: Prog-Studio is a modern, comprehensive, and very productive micro-controller development environment for industry standard MCS microcontroller architecture chips.

rigol usb

RIGOL Technologies, Inc.

Alternate Trigger Rigol usb a true dual timebase display. May 26, Efficiency rigol usb the key to success. Research and development, analysis, production, troubleshooting…all of us processes are moving faster than ever.

I uploaded the one I used to rapidshare here 12Mb. Eprom Erasers Eprom Erasers.

Rigol usb arbitrary waveform feature allows engineers to generate any desired waveform with UltraWave, Rigol? We will match the same price and in addition you will usv from the excellent Batronix Service!


Sounds like you have the gear and the baseline equipment riyol make a detailed analysis: The steps should be just the same as point 3c After the scope is on Easily zoom in and scroll within the signal. Make sure you use rgol ” VISA version ” one if your scope is older and you had this already installed.

We’ve introduced a number rigol usb new products and options to help you increase productivity — 1 GHz rigol usb, 3 GHz rigol usb analyzers, power supplies, waveform generators, and DMMs all packed with features driving user efficiency. Maybe I’m talking silly here, but does these pictures not indicate your modded is actually a tiny little bit better than the “real” ?