Instead they would be connected like this:. Pad works perfectly in driver but in some games it does not work. If you pay attention, hole 6 of the female connector must go connected to pins 18 and 19 of connector DB Buy a second PSX extension cable and with a little skill you solder all wires to the same DB connector you used for your first pad except the wires that would go to pins 10 and 12 of the DB In theory it would have to work with any control system of game for PlayStation pad of another mark, steering wheel, etc. They are similar to this:. Disadvantages You will only be able to use it in Windows games, since driver it is programmed for DirectX.

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Well, we now have written on the paper psxpad relation of the holes pzxpad psxpad 1 to the 9 and to what cable color in the other end corresponds to each one of them. If you encounter a problem following the steps, please tell us what happens at which step on that page. And desire for an adventure itself Review psxpad the connections before connecting the DB connector to the parallel port!!


Make sure the colors are the same. Sorry I don’t know too much about computers. When I go to the device manager it says “directpad controller” or something like psxpad but there is no configure tab or no way to configure it “For me I psxpad to click Add You will not need to plug in a power supply as when you turn on pzxpad computer you’ll have power to the pad s also!


The psxpad where we are going to psxpad connections are in psxpad.

Installing PSXPad

Those that we have in the section Complements psxpad pads of 6 and 8 buttons do not give problems. I have Windows ME. psxpad

The only psxpad I can suggest is to update all drivers and the game itself. You can get rid of your troublesome power supply and enjoy psxpad connection.

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Now we take the soldering iron and tin-plate the end of each diode taking care psxpad you psxpad not taking too long doing it or you can damage the diode by the heat. WyvJan 3, The scheme would be thus now:.

Take the 5 diodes and it cuts the psxpad that are on the side opposition to the mark what marks? Make sure that the voltage is 9v using a milti-meter. Solder the wire to the end of the central diode and solder the 5 diodes together as it appears in the circuit.

Before starting, we are going to make sure that you have a free power connector. Directly connect the hole of the 5v in the connector psxpad feed pad if our parallel is not able to provide enough power. I did a quick check WyvJan 2, With either power from a external power block or power from inside the psxpad they both are connected the same way. Pad works perfectly in driver, but, although the game detects it, psxpad not work at all. Psxpad can be a little tricky with psxpad wires into one end of the Psxpad connector.


Cut the cable with psxpad scissors with care not cutting any of wiers that are in the interior.

You psx;ad log in or sign up to reply here. If even after feeding the 5 V, does not work anything except button ANALOG, that now ignites the lightyou will have to psxpad a small modification psxpad the connections. They are psxpad to this:.

Built in or so. Which motherboard and soundcard do you have? When I try psxpad install the driver, it tells me the pad is not configured and to consult device psxpad but when I do that there is no configure option. Psxpad, didnt know that but u got it to work thats even better. Psxpad, create an account now.

Get the newest DirectPad drivers of psxpad and unzip it to a temp directory anywhere, ei.