When our testers like a club, they don’t ask how many more shots they have to hit. That in an of itself was plenty to pique my curiosity. Robert — It is possible that one or two of our testers made up their minds before hitting the PowerPod II, but I also know that several of the guys are open to almost anything, and certainly gave the PowerPod II a fair shake. When the final scores were tallied, the numbers were almost as ugly as our testers told the club is. To that end, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the comment we heard most often from our testers was, “It’s better than you would think”.

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That said, some of these guys have been in on every one of our driver tests, powerpod ii I’ve got all the data. I have a feeling most of the testers would say the same thing.

Powerpod ii other testers, however, must have thought about the big hooks and mis-hits. With a swing that normally produces good drives, the pod sends the ball on a powerpod ii hook that really ends with the ball rolling 90 degrees left of the target.

There’s something I powerpod ii in nearly every test, which I can’t quantify numerically, but I can tell you it’s the best indicator of what the LOP score will be. Overall consistency numbers are strong. In fact, they believe that their product is so good that more than a few golfers aren’t going to care what the club looks like once they find out what a game changer it powerpod ii. Since we all know golf is a mental game, the look alone puts this driver at a disadvantage.


Tiger Shark PowerPod II Driver

Fred Hein 7 years ago. Tony is the Powerpod ii of MyGolfSpy where his job is to powwerpod fresh and innovative content to the site.

Now he has introduced the Powerpod II Driver. I am not exaggerating above the shaft is was almost powerpod ii a carbon whippy fishing rod. It powerpod ii goes without saying that none of our testers were itching to bag the PowerPod II.

Powerpod ii they don’t like it, they’ll remember the shortest of the results. It was made for the big slicer, the face was closed 8 degrees.

Mark rated it an 9. The PowerPod II sits very much upright or at a minimum looks like it does.

TigerShark PowerPod II – REVIEW

CONS The funky head shape is a real turnoff for several testers; easy to overdo a draw; many testers find distance to be south of their own driver. I have measured it with professional tools. In most powerpod ii, my observations have been that predeterminations more often than not lead to higher rankings and no single company benefits more than TaylorMade powerpod ii that regard. Our testers have a tendency to selectively remember only a few shots from their sample session.

We hear similar nearly every day in one form or another from nearly every OEM in the marketplace today. There is an element of explanation that doesn’t come across in the data, and that is that our testers found it very difficult to adjust to the looks of the club. As I said, these aren’t ground breaking claims. Detailed data for each and every shot for which we collected data is now viewable in the interactive portion of this review.

Last Drivers  A1600N DRIVER

Sign me up for the newsletter. I like to order the tiger shark power pod ll,i have the thirst one with the round head ,the carisma pod driver which l have now for about 15 years ,i still used it every week ,can you let me know how powerpod ii order powerpod ii power podll. Regarding the new Powerpod II, I have never tested it, but it looks awesome to me.

Now I powerpod ii one. Robert 7 years ago. You all need to stop smelling your own farts. The PowerPod II powerpod ii offers hope for guys who struggle powerpod ii keep their backspin numbers under control. Not surprisingly, they experienced poor results. None of this really surprises me. While that might help to explain it, it does nothing to powerpod ii the way our testers felt about it.