Plustek OpticFilm 35mm film scanner Previously owned a primitive scanner which took several minutes to scan individual slides, then wouldn’t work with Vista. Plustek OpticFilm Film Scanner. According to Lasersoft it is however possible with the latest version of Silverfast to use the MultiExposure function also with 24 bit colour depth. There is cataloguing and image manipulation software included in the package which looks pretty lightweight but better than nothing. There is of course an infrared dust and scratch removal facility included but I found it next to useless.

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The film strip holder can take up up to 6 positives or negatives, but each picture must become individually scanned.

With our test device we made the here shown USAFscan. Please try your search again later.

opticfilm 7300 Hence one too bright and one too dark picture 3700 produced, which are then automatically combined by the software to one correctly exposed picture. Pretty good in my view. See all 12 reviews.

So there’s no alternative when it comes to bowed negative strips, but to get them in there somehow and to position them approximately right while closing the film holder flap – a very difficult business. Please, feel free to visit our online shop – it’s the only shop optucfilm the Internet which is fully specialized on film scanners and accessories! Whoever compares the new with the old will externally just notice a changed housing opticfilm 7300.

Plustek 24 Bit Scanners.

Just press the button and the opticfilm 7300 looks optictilm new. Personally I use Photoshop Elements and Picasa for these functions, you of course may find 730 useful. When purchasing, you receive a complete package with the scanner, two film opticfilm 7300 one for framed slides and one opticfilm 7300 film stripspower supply, USB cable, an unnecessary carrying bag as well as a software package consisting of the outstanding scanning software SilverFast SE plus, the simple QuickScan, ImageFolio and ImageExplorer.


Altogether I may say that the picture quality for an average photo showing a person is merely enough. Overall, a successful product for the ambitious holiday photographer.

OpticFilm 7300

Opticfilm 7300 Multimag SlideScan I have found it just possible to scan Instamatic negatives but these are not really catered for. I intentionally opticilm opticfilm 7300 talk about a follow-up model, since Plustek did not abandon the old model for the introduction of the new one. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. To use all features of our website, it’s recommended to enable javascript in your browser!

Plustek OpticFilm – for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

Plustek may not be the first scanner name on your lips opticfilm 7300 you start to cast your eye about when researching the market for a machine to digitise all those old negatives and slides stashed in shoe boxes under opticfilm 7300 bed. You get a built-in illuminated slide viewer basically a small light box too, which is very handy opticfilm 7300 checking slides or negatives are free of blemishes before opticfilm 7300. There is cataloguing and image manipulation software included in the package which looks pretty lightweight but better than nothing.

One places the film strip comfortably on the holder, whereby at the top side and at the lower surface six small fixations are present in each case, so that one can position the negative strip safely. Multi-Sampling was replaced by our much more powerful Multi-Exposure. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. But, it has a steadily growing range of models out there and the new OpticFilm is the new base model within the companies dedicated film scanners updating the OpticFilm After activating it opticfilm 7300 entering the serial number, which is on a sticker on the CD cover, we can start.


Plustek OpticFilm 7300 Scanner

opticfilm 7300 Our easy to understand movies explain everything in detail. Most low-priced film scanners have a low maximum density, so that detail in dark picture portions is hardly opticfilm 7300 and one receives a uniformly black surface instead of fine black nuances. There are clearly better film strip holders available.

A must for anyone who has boxes of old slides just sitting in the closet opticfilm 7300 neglected. Opticfilm 7300 effect of the too high minimum density becomes even more flagrant, if one scans winterly mountain photographs. Changes on the original German site after the translation will opticfim be maintained automatically on the English site.

Is there a discount when upgrading to a more powerful opticfilm 7300 or if you already own a SilverFast software? To get the best out of this scanner, you need to be prepared to lavish a little loving care opticdilm each slide. The resolution test will show whether the effective resolution comes nearer to this extremely high value than it is the case with the Opticfilm 7300which effectively achieves just dpi.