Anyway, that PC died. Haven’t had any trouble with VIA. Posted June 20, The board had IRQ conflicts on the HP Vectra, but the conflicts disappeared after the board was disused and reinstalled about a year later on Odd!! Which USB2 chips are better for Win98?

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Edited June 15, by nec 720101. But I do really think that it was installed into the same slot I remember that there was only 1 slot with the “blank” PCI slot panel in the case removed.

Which USB2 chips are better for Win98? – Windows 9x/ME – MSFN

nec 720101 Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. No such luck with NEC, where I understand it’s about nec 720101 drivers from random generic card manufacturers or generic USB 7201101 collections. In the end, I still think that that board wasn’t too bad, since transfer rates were quite reasonable For standards inand it served me until that PC’s death.

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Nec 720101 use of ad-blocking nec 720101 hurts the site. The troubles started first, then the system with the board became stable only after the board was removed and added again But after a long time. Didn’t expect to get USB 2. VIA is used on by decent brands but also by dirt cheap no name Chinese producers. Or sign in with one of these services.

Please disable ad-blocking software or set an exception for MSFN. Posted June 19, I have installed quite bec few USB 2. I don’t know whether this incompatibility is nec 720101 by the specific chip inside the USB card, or by something else. I don’t know for sure but nec 720101 guess would nec 720101 that unless the card has real electrical issues the only factor would be the chip.

From 98FE with the external hard drive and 2 flash drives plugged into a hub.

But here DXF1 is more common. VIA’s VT seems to be the worst performer.


Haven’t had any trouble with VIA. In fact, I never got them to work.

So then, it’s up to all of you to decide what to believe nec 720101 I didn’t have very good hardware to test that board on. One advantage to VIA is that they offer drivers directly in their site. Are there any preferable USB2 chips for Win98? nec 720101

On my PC, version 2. Just like the same VIA on-board sound chip actually sounds really different on nec 720101 motherboards. I have no problems with NEC cards.

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I would view compatibility as the most important criteria of a USB 2. I think that that mainboard also had a Ne chipset Can’t clearly remember. I have to state that that nec 720101 was bought somewhere in year though And it supports Windows NUSB recognized it and it nec 720101 fine. I see the same under Ubuntu so it’s not driver related.