And then where will I be? Mine work flawlessly and smooth, only some little dust got into the ball socket once or twice and with cleaning out was good as new. Two of my MTO are still in the box because the original one still works exceptionally after over 20 years. My parrot, Bilbo, got to one of them and did a number on its cord. One of the trackball icons of the century. I dread the day one stops working, although I have seen several adverts on eBay for repair services. Try installing the drivers than reinstall them I hope you have the CD or can find them on the net!

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I like the MTO, but when I lost one of mine a couple of microsoft trackball optical mouse ago, and was setting up 2 computers at home last year, I went microsft the Logitech, for the same reasons as everyone else. There have been times where the laptop takes up the entire desk space and I have the trackball attached by Velcro to a special support strapped on my leg. Post a Comment Comment. One of the trackball icons of the century.

With muose pair of sharp tweezers I was able press the tips into the crater, and pushing hard, rotate the ball in its socket so microsoft trackball optical mouse new surface would now be in contact with marble wheel. It is working like brand trakball. Mine work flawlessly and smooth, only some little dust got into the ball socket once or twice and with cleaning out was good as new. If I get distracted again someday, he may finally be able to finish it off!


Microsoft Trackball Optical Mouse Specs – CNET

I wish I could find some more somewhere at reasonable prices I would buy them all! These are two accidental finds that just work perfectly and do not stop. Save my name, email, microsoft trackball optical mouse website in this browser for the next time I comment.

I noticed the little metal balls inside 3 of them can get dirty so I cleaned them every so often and it worked. If you are using this trackball, please share microsoft trackball optical mouse experience in the comments below or send me a message.

I was convinced optiacl were doing something wrong.

A good trackball prevents that pain altogether. Leave this field empty. I have had both As well as the last version of the wired Logitech trackballs not the newer corded Marble style! Goodbye Logitech, hello Microsoft! I started with a old logitech Trackman also thumb driven in ! Talk about gouging the market! Cons Hard to find or expensive. This microsoft trackball optical mouse the microsoft trackball optical mouse plastic ever so slightly — very annoying in operating that trackball.


If someone has a good idea to repair it, I would be happy about. I have both black and grayer MTOs and never had any issues with the ball on either. The Microsoft Trackball Optical has a beautiful red light surrounding the ball, which lights up more intensely when you move the ball. Desktop space formerly reserved for wandering mice was given back to the commons.

Also the plastic inside sometimes would get dirty so had to clean microsoft trackball optical mouse vacuum that out. Many sore wrists and arms were healed. It worked smoothly, just like mine — huh?

Where Have All the Trackballs Gone?

I microsoft trackball optical mouse have 2 of these, plus 2 of the Logitech M The rough ball was actually a former smooth ball, cleaned with some alcohol or other cleaning fluid. Hi — I have experienced both a rough and a smooth ball on the MTO. That was a great understatement!

Really need to pick up a backup before the prices get too insane. Had a few issues a year or so ago and stripped it and cleaned everything up inside.