Remove the Tractor 2 unit from the printer and remove all paper. If the gap value exceeds the specified range, return to step 4 and re-adjust both left and right gap adjust bushings. Page 24xx Assembly 3: Action Paper Select Remove all paper from the printer and do the Sensor following Unhook the wire retainer [A] from the carrier shaft.

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Lexmark Forms Printer 2400 Service Manual

Got it, continue to print. Remove the options cover [A], by pulling it outward, up and out of the printer. Connector Locations This chapter identifies the locations of specific parts of the printer. Lexmark and Lexmark with diamond design are trademarks of Lexmark International, Inc.

Move the printhead to the right edge of the rubber on the platen and using a feeler gauge [1], slowly adjust the right gap adjust bushing [2] clockwise, until a gap of within 0. Petroleum-based lubricants can attack polycarbonate parts causing premature failure. Page 82 24xx 4.

Remove the screw from the form thickness lever and remove the lever. Page 35 24xx Action Carrier Motor If the home position sensor is rpinter, verify the the resistance of the carrier motor windings are approximately 2 ohms for all printers.


Reconnect all before POST is connectors to the logic board.

Lexmark Form Printer 2400 Series Type 2400-200 –

Remove the power supply unit. Remove the five screws securing the left side frame and remove the frame.

The carrier should move to the center of the platen. Remove the five screws [B] securing the carrier ledmark bracket to the print unit. Rotate the front cover out and up about three inches from the bottom of the printer. Remove the screw from the print cable shield and remove the shield.

Remove the left and right roller bushings. Page 78 24xx 5. Remove the two screws [B] from the carrier shaft bushing bracket on the left end of the carrier shaft and remove the bracket.

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Release the pick-up gear latch and remove the gear. Page 77 24xx 4. Page of Go.

Electronics Service Manual Remove the four screws [A] from the paper feed motor bracket assembly. Unsnap the home position sensor [A] from the frame. The safety features of some parts may not always be obvious.

This product is designed, tested and approved to meet strict global safety standards with the use of specific Lexmark components. Page 93 24xx 4. Release the joint gear latch [A] and remove the joint gear, idler gear, and pick-up gear.


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Unhook the spring clip [A] from the left end of the lower pinch roller shaft and push it lexmark form printer 2400 series the gray slotted spring block [B] toward the back of the printer, as shown.

Remove the two platen screws [A] from each end of the platen. If the gap value exceeds the specified range, return to step 4 and re-adjust both left and right gap adjust bushings.

Ribbon feeds correctly but is noisy. Action Ribbon Cartridge Remove and reinstall the ribbon cartridge. Page 97 24xx 4. Options 24xx Options The 24xx printers support the following options: The tractor shaft [1].