The battery is also user-replaceable. Like most Lenovo notebooks, the build quality is again surprisingly good for a budget laptop. We found the IdeaPad Z more or less sufficient in terms of communications. If you want a fast laptop for everyday tasks and simply can’t afford to spend any more, the IdeaPad Z won’t disappoint. The IdeaPad Z demonstrated temperature issues, especially outdoors during the summer. We found that the distribution and spacing of the ports could have been handled better, especially on the right side of the notebook where audio cables or an externally connected USB 2. Much else about it, though, stands out for the price.

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Lenovo z580 ideapad 28nm GF variant exists as well with reduced power consumption. While working outside might still be possible in the shade where the screen occasionally displayed annoying reflections, direct sunlight made outdoor use virtually impossible. This website uses cookies.

Lenovo Z580

While this duration is appropriate for a notebook in this price range, lennovo remains lenovo z580 ideapad for improvement. This places the notebook toward the middle of our benchmark database. While Lenovo claimed a battery runtime of up to five hours, they did not specify the conditions of this claim. The screen visibly yielded under pressure and distortions were obvious. This weight lenovo z580 ideapad representative for typical laptops with a inch display-diagonal.


While there were positive aspects of the notebook, there were also many negative traits. Under higher pressures, the wrist rest and keyboard depress. Attention to detail is another positive aspect of this lenovo z580 ideapad there are no rough or unfinished edges.

Lenovo IdeaPad Z Specs – CNET

Between the basic model with a dual-core CPU and a DVD drive and the top-of-the-line configuration with a potent quad-core processor and Blu-ray drive, our sample M81EAGE configuration represents the middle-class model of lenovo z580 ideapad series. Overall, the IdeaPad Z is a lenovo z580 ideapad good value. Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. The basic concept of a good multimedia notebook for different needs. We also measured a black level of 1.

lenovp More information about the input device can be found in our review of the Lenovo IdeaPad Y gaming notebook. The specification is unusually potent. Lenovo currently offers no quicker hard drive options.

Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 review

Nonetheless, the performance of the IdeaPad Z left a mostly positive impression in everyday use. Headphone and microphone jacks, USB 2.

Of course, specifications alone do not sell notebooks. The lenovo z580 ideapad feels solid with ieeapad flex. A variety of Visit our network of sites: Not a gold brick, the power supply has an unusual elongated shape.


Applications loaded fairly quickly and we did not lenovo z580 ideapad long loading times. Information regarding possible components and configurations can be found on the Lenovo Z datasheet.

On the other hand, contrast ratio was decent. As a result, deep blacks could not lenovo z580 ideapad reproduced by the display. Overall, the Z does a better job of minimizing these problems and projecting its strengths than many other budget laptops.

The glossy surface is not intended for outdoor use.

Review Lenovo IdeaPad Z Notebook – Reviews

The underside of the IdeaPad Z houses a large maintenance cover that can be easily accessed after removing lenovo z580 ideapad one screw. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. A large maintenance cover delights editors and users. While display contents remained more or less stable even at low horizontal angles where the primary point of criticism was a brightness reduction, even minor deviations in the vertical axis caused kdeapad inversion. Metal case; beautiful design; quality lenovo z580 ideapad perfomance; comfortable keyboard; good cooling system; battery life.