See More Listing Details. Get Our Best Stories! So, by ignoring that uniqueness, the automation assumes all photographs should have the same measurable content of color and density attributes. Whole point here is that “it doesn’t matter how you get there as long as you get there” There is so much written about scanners but hardly ever see any face to face compare of results. Unbendable Girder 9 years ago. Show More Show Less. If the issue remains unresolved, please get back to us and we would be happy to help.

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I was exceptionally impressed kodak rfs 3600 the D’s handling of skin tones in these tests, and some later tests with two African-American models. The first one has higher contrast and more sharpening, The second one has a higher dynamic range. There is no way kodak rfs 3600 can recognize and distinguish one unique photographic subject from another, much less be aware of the unique character of perception of each user.

I would suggest you kodak rfs 3600 install the available kodak rfs 3600 in compatibility mode and check if it helps. Assuming no sharpening has been applied, sample 1 has clearly better resolution. More important, the RFS does not offer a dust and scratch removal feature as many of its competitors do. Thank you for your answer, Jodak can only select win.

Can you tell which one is from which?? Buff UltraZAP studio system for the tests.

In most cases, we were able to set the exposure and kodak rfs 3600 balance for the first negative on 33600 strip and then let the scanner apply the same settings to the rest of the film.


In kldak, the three tab accessed views for the image controls remain an awkward impediment to efficient work. The RFS produces excellent image quality with impressive shadow and highlight detail. Besides the contemporary design, this Kodak product kodak rfs 3600 a very different approach to scanning with a stationary film stage and moving sensor and illumination array.

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Kodak RFS Film scanner. –

When connected via SCSI, the scanner itself becomes the bottleneck, since the interface can transfer the data as fast as the scanner can produce it. This item may be kodak rfs 3600 floor kodak rfs 3600 or store return that has been used. I can see that while sample two has more apparent resolution, i.

Not a good scanner test. Unfortunately, kodak rfs 3600 their zeal to make a product that would be easy for consumers, the Kodak software engineers were blinded to the fact that automation kodak rfs 3600 be successfully applied to rfe processing of a photographic image, due to the fact each photograph is made unique by its subject and the perception of the individual photographer.

I’ll kodal it one more day till I reveal which is which: I found no way to install the plug-in without installing Nikon View 5. Eggs or bananas – I say “yes”.

Kodak RFS Film Scanners user reviews : out of 5 – 19 reviews –

I’d kodak rfs 3600 rather scan with the Sample 2 scanner and then use software to make the final result look more like Sample 1. One very positive refinement applies to scanning film in strips. In reply to Arun B J’s post on February 10, Looks less like a hair than a brush in pp.

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In practice, thanks in part to excellent optics, the kodak rfs 3600 between the RFS resolution and the ppi of competitive products is quite small: I know that now most of kodak rfs 3600 don’t see it kodak rfs 3600 cos of sharpening but my point was that if you scanning for web and screen use plus up to 8×10 print you might be good with cheap flatbed instead dedicated scanner.

So, by ignoring that uniqueness, the automation assumes all photographs should have the same measurable content of color and density attributes.

I saw an incorrectly enlarged version of it in the Google Reader feed of this group, using the Mac build of Chromium, which seems to have trouble keeping certain pictures the correct size and instead just blows them up!

Kodak RFS 3600 Film scanner.

I use a Canoscan Tell us about your experience with our site. We tested the RFS with a variety of Kodak and Fuji slide and kodak rfs 3600 film and were uniformly impressed with the results. If there is a pressing need of scanning a large batch of images at one go, use this Kodak Professional RFS Desktop Scanner whose 36 exposures will assist in this rfe.

Sample kodak rfs 3600 is sharper but sample two gets more detail from the shadows. Ready for Your Close-Up?: