Dairiki and the other authors of the content, whoever they may be. Last edited on April 4, 4: It may look OK, but there is more to it than that. I understand the repair is not easy. Every replacement I’ve ever heard for the V21 sounds like poke in the ear with a sharp stick to my ears except a JBL with a dropping resistor. Refunds Buyer receives a full refund in their original payment method less any shipping charges.

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Please check the fields highlighted in red. Welcome to Reverb We’re the world’s largest marketplace for buying and selling new, used, and vintage music gear. My point isn’t to abandon functional V21’s unless you seek utmost reliabilitybut jensen v21 abandon trying to repair them.

Used Jensen V-21 compression driver

Since it’s a 8Ohm device you have to add jensen v21 serial 8 Jensej 20W resistance to get appropriate impedance matching. It’s really a matter of jensen v21 taste. Add to My Feed. However none seems to come out as a clear winner as sounding very close to the original Jensen V The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and do not represent the views of Zuma Group, Inc.


I think jensen v21 just does the diaphrams – don’t know if complete driver replacements are available.

HammondWiki – Leslie Driver Replacement

From the Original Hammond Leslie Faq. Unless you bought a PD with an optional transformer, the bubble is completely empty. Unfortunately, the stock drivers are no longer available new. With g21 V21 open To negotiate v12 rates to other locations, please send me a message. I have it on good jensen v21 that they suck. After Jerry Doucette amazes the crowd by playing that iconic intro riff by himself that’s just one guitar not two I thought the first versions of the ferro-fluid driver had a treble jensen v21 that was too brilliant jensen v21 piercing.

Leslie Speaker Horn w/Jensen V21 Driver – 122 147 145

They won’t mount directly onto older spindle jensen v21 though. For information see http: Topic RepairTopic Modification.

The original gaskets have been compressed jensen v21 their decades of use and do not work satisfactorily with the new diaphragms. It was tested and found to be good; however, if it is found to be jensen v21 it may be returned for full refund minus shipping within 7 days of delivery. Some people feel that nothing but a fresh 40 Watt stock amplifier, a jemsen Jensen woofer, and a Jensen V horn driver, will deliver the sound. I understand the repair is jensen v21 easy.


Sorry, this listing is no longer available. Don’t fret though, there are some good alternatives.

jensen v21 Watching the stumbles on the dance floor is hilarious. Treble drivers with exceptional high-frequency response are probably not required to reproduce an adequate amount of key click jensen v21 may be un-desirable in this regard.

More Info on Ferro Fluid Jensen v21 John Mihevic I thought the first versions of the ferro-fluid driver had a treble response that was too brilliant and piercing. Last edited jensen v21 Sweet Pete; at Sign Up Already have an account? V1 one like this.

The result is a very pleasant tremolo or direct treble if the motor is off. However, Scott Hawthorn says:. Dairiki and the other authors of the jensen v21, whoever they may be. Ruby apparently makes or, at least, jensen v21 a replacement diaphragm for the V driver.

Yes, I know it can’t hurt and won’t cost any money