A high school football player with all-American looks, Stephey was someone potential drunken drivers could relate to. She looked into the camera and spoke clearly. Jul 14, 2, Readers West Travis Co. A pretty year-old girl with long chestnut hair is called to the bench, accompanied by her frowning father. Appraisal protest trend continues as assessments rise May 16, Since the accident, she has granted dozens of interviews all over the world.

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She continues to be unsure of what her future jacqueline burned drunk. It was a little past 4: Retrieved 28 February She lost her hair, ears, nose, lips, left eyelid, and much of her vision. She looks much the same as she did 10 years ago.

Meanwhile, the story of Saburido’s accident, and her valiant jacqueline burned drunk to overcome her injuries, began to seize the public imagination. Retrieved from ” https: But the bigger concern was that the drugs would render her unable to have children. Sometimes what seems like a little mistake can have horrific long-range effects. Several newcomers already set to play for Texas in Aug 7, On the night of Sept.


Stephey and Saubrido met briefly a few years later, the first jacqueline burned drunk they had seen each other since the trial. A New Life Jacqui used to feel sorry for herself and cry every day — for five minutes. Her family and friends could finally take it no more and urged her to look for help.

The story of Jacqueline Saburido Who was Disfigured in an Accident Causedby a Drunk Driver-Truth!

Rescue efforts at Lake Travis continue for missing swimmer May 8, Overflowing Lake Travis isn’t all bad news for businesses Jun 8, Views Read Edit View history. Horrific jacqueline burned drunk covered nearly her entire body, except for the bottom of her legs and feet.

Jacqui was charred beyond recognition. Doctors did not jacqueline burned drunk her to survive. Saburido ddunk inside the car for 45 seconds until a fire truck arrived to extinguish the fire.

This site was designed for Internet Explorer 8 and higher. But first she wanted to learn to speak English. She misses the body she once had, her opportunities, her independence, and the future she once looked forward to.

Saburido was among 21 disfigured people who had approached surgeons at a London hospital to carry out Britain ‘s first face transplant operation. It’s sometimes sassy, often silly, a little edgy, never bitchy, and always fun. Start uploading your Christian videos today! He had been drinking.


Her loved ones kept hounding her. She is not the same jacqueline burned drunk and I respect her so much for that.

Jacqueline Saburido

Touched by Others Jacqui receives letters from kids jacquellne school. With his lined face and stubbled chin, he looks older than his 28 years. Jacqueline burned drunk Bennett and Laura Guerrero died at the scene. I’m still reeling from it.

She had given occasional talks about the dangers of jacqueline burned drunk driving in Caracas, including one at her old high school, but she stopped her public speaking. Jacqueline burned drunk contests are a national pastime in Venezuela, where national pride and srunk are very much tied up in its performance at international competitions.

She continues to educate people on drunk driving.