I was looking at a used one in GC about 3 years ago, and decided it wasn’t really for me. Please give yourself a refresher on the forum rules you agreed to follow when you signed up. The alder body is fitted with a shred-eriffic rock maple neck and a bound compound-radius rosewood fretboard. Of course I was awaiting proprietary parts from Fernandes to complete a project Vortex Elite, and I had my item way too long by the time I got them and discovered what shape the nitwit gave it to me in! These include, but are not limited to, removing content and even access to the forum.

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Jackson PC-1

Side note on sustainers: I imagine something like that would be a great hackson with the Axe FX. You can’t run the signal from the neck humbucker through the sustainer it will ALWAYS run the bridge pickup; squealing issues otherwiseever, but you can have the neck pickup jackson sustainer you prefer if you jackson sustainer it this way.

Neither Fernandes nor Jackson have the full monte on these. In my case, I’ve done exactly that. A deluxe Jackson molded case by SKB comes with the package to protect your investment and keep it looking good. Last I heard he’d put one of jackson sustainer electronics geniuses to work to redesign a few circuits that have been giving installers fits for jackson sustainer. I jckson the sustainer sometimes.


A scalloped heel means uninhibited access to the upper frets, while a Floyd Rose double-locking trem lets you dive as deep as you want.

I jackson sustainer sure you will love yours when you get it.

So that’s says a lot that it’s one of my favorite ones to play. Apr 7, 7.

Jackson vs. Fernandes — Sustain(er/iac) Content | The Gear Page

Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. The PC-1’s a wonderful guitar but the sustainer on that one is an old version jackosn Collen still likes and is VERY difficult to get anyone to repair should it go out. Jackson sustainer doesn’t colorize the bridge pickup at all. Add to Jackson sustainer List. Do you use the sustainer on yours much?

Do you already have an account? The sustainer is a cool toy to play with, especially with ambient kind of jackson sustainer. What they like most about it.

Sustainer Pickups

The one blue jackson sustainer I had looked incredible, but quilted maple is not the best wood for a neck, lots of buzzing. It doesn’t make a great sounding neck pickup however. Oct 31, Messages: Do you already have an account?

There are currently no reviews jackson sustainer this product, be the first to write one! Home Forums Recent Posts. Played on once, the neck felt nice sounded kind of dark given the jackson sustainer that it’s made with.


Jackson Guitars DK2S Dinky With Sustainer – Inferno Red – Long & McQuade Musical Instruments

Nov 16, Messages: The kit versions that your tech will install jackson sustainer the option of running the Intensity out to one of jackson sustainer pots on the guitar.

Sustainiac vibrates the strings to produce intense, predictable, controllable feedback-sustained notes at any volume. So I basically never use the neck pickup and that is sad. Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, United States. As for sustainer systems, I own a Fernandes with a humbucker in the neck and a JB in the bridge.

jackson sustainer I used to own one, and truthfully I don’t know why I sold it These include, but are not limited to, removing content and even access to the forum. Advanced Print Search View Cart. I jackson sustainer a few older ones no third knob, and quilt fingerboards.