Sets the label retract distance to n 5 mil increments. Therefore, cleaning media debris from the printhead is very important. It is a pin D-style subminiature receptacle. Setting the Media Sensitivity Number for Other Media and Ribbon If you are not using Intermec media and ribbon, or you misplaced your packaging with the three-digit sensitivity number label on it, you can set the approximate sensitivity rating. Use this label for reference when connecting the printer to your system. Communications Protocols, Intermec Standard Protocol Communications protocols are important because they determine the transmission standards for communications between the printer and the host.

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Use the following table to find the correct bar code for your format. Table Of Contents Contents Downloads a command table, intermec 3440 t as the command table identifier. Page Page – test and interrmec mode command descriptio To print the manual completely, please, download it. Connecting the to an AS Intermec 3440 connect intermec 3440 printer directly to an AS or midrange computer, you need: Every repair plan is not the same Lexicon flat-rate repair services offer cost savings when compared to standard manufacturer inteemec.

Release the lower media guide and adjust the edge guide by unscrewing it and intermec 3440 it to position the media firmly against the inside wall of the printer. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The first column of the Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Media Sensitivity Intermec 3440 intemec list the approximate sensitivity settings.


You must use an asynchronous, dedicated non-switched or manually switchedfull-duplex modem.


That is, the intermec 3440 processes information as it is being downloaded jntermec stops when there is no more information. Warranty Information To receive a copy of the standard warranty provision for this product, contact your local Intermec sales organization.

Defines the format offsets within a page and creates new origins for intermec 3440 within a format interjec adding the format offsets to the original field offsets. Edits or creates a graphic field. Maintain or recondition them with QuickTurn Repair. If the data intermec 3440 is not exactly 6, 14, or 16, the printer uses the next highest JIS-ITF type with zero padding in front.

Intermec EasyCoder Thermal/Thermal Transfer Printer

If you want to produce a square symbol, specify a height magnification of 1 in Advanced mode. Troubleshooting Checklist Even though Intermec designed the printer to operate itermec harsh conditions, you may still encounter error messages at some time. Do not use inntermec cleansers or solvents. When you move the X origin forward, the printer moves the format away from the leading edge of the intermec 3440.

DIP switches to their intermec 3440 settings. Fanfold media access slot U.

Intermec EasyCoder 3440 Thermal Label Barcode Printer 400dpi Parallel

Immediate Commands The following command set is effective in any of the operational modes of the printer. Interleaved 2 of 5 A bar code developed by Intermec for Computer Identics that encodes the ten digits 0 through 9. Error Codes Most of intermec 3440 problems you may encounter cause the printer to send an error code to the host.


Page Index straight-through printing, printhead resistance values, transmit, summary of IPL commands, printhead temperature sensor value, symbologies transmit, integmec code printhead volt intermec 3440 value, transmit, 6- Codabar, A Code 11, A reflective sensor value, transmit, CodeA Test and Service mode, exit, Code 16K, A itermec sensor value, transmit, Preparing the Printer for Installation Before connecting your to intermec 3440 data collection system, you need to: At the DOS prompt, type this command and press Enter: In straight-through printing, you load a roll of media on the supply roll post and feed it straight through the printer mechanism and out the front of intermec 3440 printer.

Sets the point intermec 3440 that defines the size of the characters in human-readable fields. To print a test label 1.

FranklinGothic Helv Condensed Configuring the Serial Port for Communications You need to configure the serial port of the printer to match the configuration of your PC intermec 3440 network controlling device. Warning A intermec 3440 alerts you of an operating procedure, practice, condition, or statement that must be strictly observed to avoid death 4340 serious injury to the persons working on the equipment.

Type these command lines and press Enter: