That’s why let’s consider the main types of oculars. The device must be called for, and here you can read impressions of an unprejudiced observer. Here are an optical scheme of the microscope and main shooting methods through it. Articles needing additional references from April All articles needing additional references All stub articles. When using a camera with a stationary lens for photomicrography the ocular becomes the most important element for obtaining high quality image. The shots show that having added such feature as x the designers of the microscope forgot to correspond it with the number of pixels. BioShock Infinite and Metro:

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Now come the objects under examination. Here are an optical scheme of the microscope and main shooting methods through it. The microscope is supplied with three nicroscope.

Obviously unsuccessful was a preparation of the Spirogyra, it is alga with rather gross threads and intel play qx3 microscope cellular membranes and bright green spiral chromatophore.

Intel Play QX3 microscope. The micropreparations were made as cardboard mmicroscope with 4 round windows where the objects were located between two transparent plates. Besides, there is a possibility to fix an object at any moment, add writings and You understand that the toy is not going to compete against modern scientific microscopes, but it has a lot of competitors in its class.

What’s good, then, in our microscope? That’s why the impression is optimistic. It was at the department of microbiology of the Sverdlovsk University. It fits in the eyepiece holder of intel play qx3 microscope standard microscope.


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The microscope is detachable and you can take off the microscope from the base and take it to any object, let it be seat upholstery, window glass etc. The microscope could be removed from its base stand allowing it to be used as a hand-held microscope. The device intel play qx3 microscope be called for, and here you can read impressions of an unprejudiced observer.

The object ‘s size on the imprint related to its original size mkcroscope give us the desired magnification. Apart from indistinct images we could see nothing. Intel play qx3 microscope help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Intel Play

And now, two and a half centuries later, Intel play qx3 microscope keeps the traditions of toy microscope production. On the preparation the chromatophore was not seen, thread were colorless and formless. The same result was achieved with Rotifera – microscopical parasites of a crab. Write a comment below. First time I heard about a possibility to view the image created by intel play qx3 microscope plau on the display somewhere in 80s.

A gradual magnification change at the expense of the distance change between an object and the matrix would allow the same q3 of magnification.

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The magnification of the weakest one intel play qx3 microscope to be less than 1, since the size of the objects is several times more than the assumed matrix’s size. Despite its a 3-century history the microscope intel play qx3 microscope become nearly the most popular and famous optical device.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. The Intel Microsscope product line, developed and jointly marketed by Intel and Mattelwas a product line of miicroscope “toy” electronic devices. Everybody was greatly excited.

It seems that these objects, which could be rather clearly seen with the naked eye, turned to be the best for this microscope: The most intel play qx3 microscope object to examine turned to be rather big objects at hand: That’s why let’s consider the main types of oculars. In this relation there is a good possibility of top highlight.

The microscope comes with software which allows a computer to access the microscope and use it to either take pictures or record movie. The resolving capacity of a human eye is about 0. The QX5 Computer Microscope is a Digital Blue product and upgraded the QX3 with multiple improvements, including a x image capture device and brighter light intel play qx3 microscope.