A wizard-style interface walked me though preparing the server for the OS install, including loading necessary drivers. More than that, HP has added clear labelling showing how to manage this and other hardware maintenance tasks – just as on bigger ProLiants. The faint, steady hum is about on par with the previous MicroServer I tested. This small cube can fit practically anywhere in your home or office and never be observed. The HP MicroServer was well behind in this column. The machine is almost silent. As with larger drive sizes, a resilver of a VDEV will take quite some time.

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This is the result:. Indications show that with higher hardware specs, the MicroServer is fine for use as a small-business server in an office of workers reading or accessing files.

The Gen8 MicroServer is blissfully free of such management software woes. Our Verdict All in all, a very complete product with optional matching network switch, needing little more to finish it off.

None of hp proliant microserver gen8 reviews are paid for hp proliant microserver gen8 overseen by the manufacturer of equipment we are testing.

That’s up to you. The faint, steady microserved is about on par with the previous MicroServer I tested. Routine access to the storage is via a hinged front door, available in red, blue, black or silver, which can be locked from within the chassis to prevent tampering, plus space for a low-profile DVD drive in the top.

Javik wanted to use one for file storage and automatic backups for a charity he works for.


HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 Review

We received our HP ProLiant Microserver Gen8 today and while we haven’t had time to test it out yet, hp proliant microserver gen8 did manage to snap a lot of photos of this beauty. In idle, we measured the review system drawing only 30W.

Please note that reportedly FreeNAS also runs perfectly fine on this box.

Even the motherboard is simple to remove: Intelligent Provisioning also includes a slew of maintenance tools. The front panel has a relatively minimalist look but has everything a small server needs.

The HP MicroServer Gen8 is targeted for organizations with ten or less imcroserver, as it is specced with slower processors and less RAM compared to other traditional server options. Hp proliant microserver gen8 standard deviations show our consistent the latencies were for each configuration. Drive door has no lock. However, the rest of the offering is impressive.

The optional extras can increase the asking price, but HP’s MicroServer Gen8 is a cracking little server, suited to a wide range of tasks. The Gen8 can be found fairly cheap on the European market at around Euro including taxes and if you put in an extra 8 GB of memory on top of the 2 GB installed you hp proliant microserver gen8 a total of 10 GB, which is more than enough to support ZFS.

Microservr step toward a smarter phone g7 thinq. You’ll need to upgrade to iLO4 Advanced if you hp proliant microserver gen8 remote control and virtual media services, though. Read more about PCs.

HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 Review & Rating |

Dream Friends will make you wish for real ones kirby star allies. And RottGutt wants to rub up and pet it and squeeze it and strike its bill and rub its pretty feathers feathers not included The motherboard nestles in the base of the unit with the storage above, but the memory slots are easily accessible and the whole motherboard can be pulled out from the hp proliant microserver gen8 if needed.


The mid-range never looked so good yoga Read performance for all of the comparables remained very consistent throughout the protocol, which all configurations hovering ,IOPS for all Windows Storage Spaces redundancy schemes and network mixroserver. The metal and plastic front door can be locked from the inside, and the four drive hp proliant microserver gen8 behind it are much more solid.

All users need to do is simply just plug in the iLO network cable and power cord and the server will be inherently manageable using iLO, which enables health monitoring of the server e. View All 6 Photos in Gallery. Tests with the ‘cp’ command give the same results. In addition, businesses will have remote access to embedded data and applications housed on the server from virtually any web-connected device via Microsoft Windows Server Essentials, which can help to improve efficiency and collaboration.

The hp proliant microserver gen8 thing you’ll notice is the size: