UltraGG 6 points 36 months ago. My hope is that future derivatives of the FX processor perhaps based on Piledriver will boast much more aggressive Turbo Core frequencies, which would do wonders at eating into that advantage. Having 8 cores is excellent for rendering and multitasking. Make sure you undervolt these to keep your temps down. I was originally planning on getting an FX but I thought the extra cores would be nice for rendering and multitasking. Log in Don’t have an account?

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Having 8 cores is excellent for rendering and multitasking. Great value CPU,works great in every game.

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. I’ve been using this for playing games and rendering for around 6 months now and its been great with fx 8320 problems. Dam 11 points 38 months fx 8320.

This thing is absolutely solid.

AMD FX-8320 Eight-Core

I’ve been using it for the past 4 years without a hitch in my budget pc. Was going to rx a but this was on sale at my local Micro Center so I jumped on it. The Bulldozer CPU cores that were bundled into each Zambezi chip were fx 8320 power fx 8320 and in many areas couldn’t significantly outperform AMD’s previous generation platform.

This fx 8320 has been through hell. In our conclusion fx 8320 last year’s FX review I wrote the following:. The table above supports that characterization. I was originally rx on getting an FX but I thought the extra cores would be nice for rendering and multitasking.


PassMark – AMD FX Eight-Core – Price performance comparison

Piledriver is a light evolution over Bulldozer, so there’s actually no substantial increase in die area compared to the previous generation. Solid, fx 8320 to 4. At a high level, Vishera swaps out the Bulldozer cores from Zambezi and replaces them with Piledriver.

Send an e-mail alert if the price drops to: The new cx is in the table below: Brazos had a mild update, Llano paved the way for Trinity which is now shipping, and around a year after Zambezi’s launch we have Fx 8320 To make matters worse, fx 8320 AMD could rev Bulldozer, Intel already began shipping Ivy Bridge – a part that not only increased performance but decreased power consumption as well.

The Vishera Review: AMD FX-8350, FX-8320, FX-6300 and FX-4300 Tested

AMD’s targets are similar to fx 8320 they were last time: Holds up beautifully alongside a GTX in The new fx 8320 is in the table below:. Price History Excluding Tax History: Extrodius 17 points 38 months ago.

Had fx 8320 to 4. I have since bought a Hyper Evo because the stock cooler had trouble keeping up. As a fabless semiconductor manufacturer, AMD is now at GF’s mercy when it comes to moving process technology forward. Cache sizes fx 8320 the same as well, which keeps everything roughly the same. Vishera is still built on the same 32nm GlobalFoundries SOI process as Zambezi, which means there isn’t much room for additional architectural complexity without ballooning die area, and fx 8320 a whole lot of hope for significantly decreasing power consumption.

Last Drivers  DRIVER FOR AD-7560S

The Vishera Review: AMD FX, FX, FX and FX Tested

fx 8320 In our conclusion to last year’s FX review I wrote the following: All of the FX processors remain unlocked and ship fully featured with hardware AES acceleration enabled. TDPs haven’t changed, cache sizes haven’t changed and neither have core counts. The performance advantage that Intel enjoyed at the time was beyond what could be erased by a single generation. Darkwolf 8 points 37 months ago. Across the board Vishera ships at higher base frequencies than the equivalent Zambezi part, fx 8320 without increasing max turbo frequency in the case of the fx 8320 parts.

It simply has to 830 32nm work for now.