Not the lowest, but definitely not expensive. Fusion chip, try swapping those pins and see if you can get it to work! Save time and let us provide you with verified contacts. I have looked at your videos lightsaber and you are blessed with free energy from stubblefield and air batteries and this ringer i just have to believe your must be near a powerful em source or it’s picking up your powerful aura, near a base maybe? Do you think the bifilar of this coil can serve the same function as the center tap transformer, if i just connect the ends of the bifilar and tap that, thanks. Thank you i appreciate a lot for your replies

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Transformer winding advise needed!!!

Leds are more efficient than fluorescents, the latter can be softer light, for reading and working leds are great. The PCB itself houses a handful six or seven diodes, four through-hole caps, a transformer, two transistors, an inductor fuji circuit cfl some surface mount resistors and caps.

I wanted to get this running before i pass but its taking too much energy from me Albert. I am so glad to see that others are getting this working. There are two cfk below, please let me know if the method of winding is same fuji circuit cfl the both circuits or not, also if you see any flaw in it then let me know that as well. Base of transistor goes to pin 2 on transformer, and the collector goes to pin fuji circuit cfl. I agree the transformer must be pretty close to the same thing on the aa and aaa Fuji circuitsi guess you know that the legs may fuji circuit cfl be connected differentlybut i bet the problem is not there.


Originally Posted by skaght. Hi folks, Hi xee2, thanks for the updated circuit.

The only reason why heaters are included is because many of the CFL circuits don;t produce a high starting voltage and the tube will not strike.

When I measure resistance fuji circuit cfl the three pins, it measures ohms from pin 1 to pin 2 and from pin 3 to pin 2. Originally Posted by skaght The bifilar seems to be a very high resistance fuji circuit cfl circuit. I feel like not a million but a few dollars. Originally Posted by Lidmotor.

Transformer winding advise needed!!! | Electronics Forum (Circuits, Projects and Microcontrollers)

Please enter your name. Compact Florescent Bulbs also have Fuji circuit cfl that heat the Mercury in them. Its at fuji circuit cfl point it becomes a negative inductor or a negative resistor and ADDS power back into the circuit by pumping the positive rail and recovering most of what was used back into the power caps.

Please enter full name. Sep 25, Messages: That’s why the cores used in my circuits are round ferrite rods. I would be willing to buy one from fuji circuit cfl minus the CFL just so i could hold it in my hand and verify it works here.


Page 3 of Hello Winding a transformer for CFL circuit Using flyback transformer’s core I just need to ask if i were to wind the coil on flyback core, how it should be done? I agree to the terms and privacy policy.

After reading Bolt’s fuji circuit cfl, still not having the right diodes, I decided to try a resistor and diode – resistor to create the “leak”. It dies instantly when battery is disconnected.

As for me, I would be sharing every last detail I could. I have explained the reason for the heaters. Well im surprised anyone here has achieved results at all, lasersaber has not bothered to clarify his circuit, nor has he mentioned exact resistances of his separate bifilar coil or wire gauges. Clarkdale44Oct 3, This is important, since fuji circuit cfl tubes contain about 4mg of Mercury circui is a toxic heavy metal.

If pin 1 is a dummy pin, then I fuji circuit cfl this is correct. My only issue is, obviously my primary bifilar is not center tapped on the core, it can only be tapped at the ends of the core, not sure if that matters, thanks. Last edited by xee2; at