Click on the Properties tab and make desired adjustments, then click on the Advanced setting. When target point is touched it will move to a new target location. The frequency adjustment sets the touch screen driving frequency of the controller. The square is increased or decreased in size by touching the appropriate arrows adjacent to the square. When each target point is touched, it will move to a new target location.

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But you can connect more than one touch-screen and each separate one can be either USB or serial.

Running EloVA from the Properties page avoids the need to align all monitors in a multiple monitor application when only a single monitor alignment is desired. Note that the double-click box size is independent of screen resolution and must be defined for each user.

The Right click delay slide defines the right click delay value in milliseconds. Pressing controlker the Touch here to test beep sound area button allows you to test the current settings without changing focus away from the Elo Touchscreen Control Panel.

Elo TouchSystems Inc. APR Controller driver free download for windows – Hewlett-Packard – HP Rp

The frequency adjustment sets the touch screen driving frequency of the controller. Click on Elo icon at the bottom of the screen Elo Tool Tray and a control panel screen appears. When download is complete, click the Close button. The touchsysttems will repeat again if the problem is not corrected. Apply to all touchscreens: Select the touchsytems for the driver package. For example, you can have three touch-screen connected in any of the elo touchsystems inc apr controller ways:.


Elo software will be deleted from the computer. You can also wait until the program times out as indicated by completion of the progress bar. Running the Toucbsystems Program.

For each touch-screen, you must use one of either USB or serial connection. These drivers cannot simply be installed by running the Setup file — elo touchsystems inc apr controller must be incorporated into the embedded operating system “build” using the appropriate Microsoft software development tools the included Setup file is used transparently during the build process File Download Steps Click the filename elo touchsystems inc apr controller.

It may be turned off by unchecking the Beep on touch box in this tab. Select the language for the driver package. This tab will only appear for Surface Capacitive Touch screens If you are running an expanded desktop multiple monitor resolution that is not multiples of standard monitor resolutions, you may experience difficulties in calibrating all of your monitors properly.

Elo TouchSystems APR Controller Free Driver Download (Official)

Follow the instructions as indicated on the Align screen. Touch targets firmly to complete touchscreen elo touchsystems inc apr controller calibration.

Uninstalling Elo Touchscreen Driver. Follow the same procedure for cohtroller 3 targets as they appear. Touchmonitors with pre-calibration data can be transferred to a differentcomputer without the need to recalibrate on the other computer.

This feature may also be activated from the Tool Controlldr utility. Setup Complete screen will appear. If a serial port is reserved for a touch screen controller that is not currently installed, the only Screen information displayed elo touchsystems inc apr controller be the number of the Windows COM port.


With certain types of serial ports, a reboot of the computer may be required to complete the driver installation. If a serial port is reserved for a touchscreen controller that is not actually installed, the only information contained in the Screen information section of the associated Properties page controllef be the number of the Windows COM port.

elo touchsystems inc apr controller

The driver files will install and Installation complete screen will appear. The allowable range is 10, to and the default is 32, The driver package includes utilities to allow users elo touchsystems inc apr controller customize the operation of their touch-screen in various ways. With Beep enabled, the ind can decide whether the beep occurs as soon as touch elo touchsystems inc apr controller detected or after untouch is detected.

If checked, the current values are set to all touchscreens when “Apply” or “Ok” button is clicked. The buttons under screen information for any controller type will only appear after each touch screen has been calibrated.