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Asus Eee PC S luxury netbook • The Register

The touchpad also supports eee pc s101 latest multi-touch controls and drivers from ElanTech. When it ees to performance you won’t find anything too out of the ordinary. Netbooks usually do not have problems running 2D games like, e.

Colors of products may not be perfectly accurate due to variations caused by photography and monitor settings.

In general this location seems to be perfrectly alright. The topic of this article may not meet Eee pc s101 notability guidelines for products and services. Except of a low illumination it could especially not convince in bright environments, e.

Asus Eee PC S – Wikipedia

The internal SSD already runs to a healthy 16GB but in addition to that you’ll also find a 16GB SD card in the box – effectively giving you 32GB in total, all solid state eee pc s101 you don’t need eee pc s101 worry about bashes or bumps damaging your data.


The new battery wattage of Currently such powerful storage devices cost at least — euros. Despite weighing just one kilo, the Eee PC’s build quality is impressive.

Also in terms of noise and temperature emissions the Eee S eee pc s101 good. However, the system can handle streaming video without a hiccup; we were able to eee pc s101 Second Life and run eee pc s101 graphics-intensive virtual world smoothly.

Product specifications may differ from country to country. Bluetooth is also included on the S This website uses cookies. You get the full complement of Function keys along the top, and the keyboard is packed with Fn-based shortcuts for things like volume, screen brightness and wireless. Also the touchpad was slightly modified, but still provides multi-touch features.

Once your year and half is up, you’ll need to fork out to keep it going. This is higher than the mini-notebook average of 2: We show the least amount of ads possible.

Also the used materials play an important role in the Eee PC’s change of image.

Review Asus Eee PC S101 Mini-Notebook

If we were being picky, it would eee pc s101 been nice to see a slightly higher resolution. One somewhat startling omission is the lack of 3G – surely a must-have in a netbook with pretensions above its station such as eee pc s101. Loudspeakers The two built-in s11 could not convince at all. The offered connectivity is not a surprise at all. Only in the interludes the frame rate fell to 15 fps.


Not a netbook alternative but a ee rival? In addition to a plush slip case, Asus has thoughtfully included a cloth so you can at least give eee pc s101 a good polish if the paw marks get too much to take.

Often the question arises, whether netbooks are completely unable to run games or whether games are probably still possible. The S’s eee pc s101 doesn’t slide into the back edge of the system; ese it is buried on the bottom, so users won’t be able to use a standard Eee PC battery. Overall, eee pc s101 new shape was kept simple. The Asus Eee PC S comes with a completely new case and focuses thereby especially on the optical charm.

Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies. While Asus strictly focused on making the case better than the one of the Eee H, it seems that it apparently took eee pc s101 first panel it could get hold of for this mini notebook. The slight glitter finish on eee pc s101 keys will probably divide opinion. Asus Eee Storage According mass storage Asus comes up with an interesting gadget.