In Playstation 3 PS3 , it is called the gamepad. I never had the choice between sixaxis and ds3 always got the ds3 with my slim but i have to admit htat that i turn off the vibrations most of the time when i’m playing because the vibrations aren’t that subtle most of the time killzone2 multiplayer for some reason, the vibs really piss me off and to much vibrations make my pinkys feel numb. Use your brain, search for information and solutions to problems before asking. Beside the rumble is there any other diffences between the sixaxis and ds. Most relevant reviews See all 12 reviews. Beetween the two, Sixaxis was the first to be developed.

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Difference Between Dual Shock 3 and Sixaxis

I like the weight and I like the rumble. On the top of the controller is dualshock 3 sixaxis row of four siaxxis LEDswhich are used to identify and distinguish multiple wireless controllers. Rumble is a ‘Last Generation Feature ‘ ” Press release.

dualshock 3 sixaxis Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. DS3 has Six Axis controls in it Stand up for your dualshock 3 sixaxis to repair! DualShock 3 Motherboard Replacement Replace the motherboard with its attached sizaxis motors. It was made available for retail on Novemberand at that time, it was considered to be the official controller for the PS3.



Posts must be of reasonable quality and effort, and provide or seek information that isn’t already available, or is not generally well known. The DualShock 3 model: Rakuho Follow Forum Posts: In Playstation 3 PS3 dualshock 3 sixaxis, it is called the gamepad. Log in or sign up in seconds.

I believe it is not possible at the moment, as much as I would like that too as I am playing with DS3. It feels cheaply made.

DualShock 3 Repair – iFixit

If I had any experience with that stuff I would be working on it already. Can’t try Motioninjoy, because it’s no longer functional. Retropie was a pain dualshock 3 sixaxis I realized they’re shanwan, not Sony. Dualshock 3 is my choice for the win.

sixaxls Not the official control It looks like it. The DS3 seems to be better constructed than the dualshock 3 sixaxis. My Sixaxis has really jacked up analog sticks. So I use my DS3. But I don’t really feel a motor makes much of a difference.


Sixaxis vs Dualshock 3?? [POLL] – PlayStation Nation – GameSpot

PlayStation sixaxjs controllers are also supported in Dualshock 3 sixaxis simply connect the controller to the computer using a USB cable and press the PS button. Broke within a week from a 2 ft Carpet fall Verified purchase: An answer to the question was the point of this thread, not bragging rights.

Actually, you can bind axis movement to mouse movement. Views Read Edit View history. DS3 is superior to me.

Danybrown Follow Forum Posts: P Denji That’s the exact same problem I have! P Rakuho That’s the exact same problem I have! However, in a press release made some eight months later, Phil Dualshock 3 sixaxisSony’s president of worldwide studios, dualshock 3 sixaxis he didn’t see a need for Sony’s controllers to have rumble noting that rumble was the “last generation feature” and that he thought “motion sensitivity is [the next-generation feature].