A big reason I bought this was the true-bypass, so my tone would not change when the effect was not engaged. DeltaLab Phase Shifter Demo. The TO1 fit the bill. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy any of their pedals based on this one. I compensated for this by adjusting the bass on my amp a bit, surprisingly all the other pedals on my board still sound great with the increased bass. Not alot of new features here, but an affordable and authentic recreation of a classic design is what Delta’sTube Overdrive claims to be and is.

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Delta Lab TO1 Tube Overdrive

The DD1 Digital Delay creates realistic echo effects, from short slapback rockabilly sounds to longer-repeating echo that’s perfect for huge guitar delta labs tube. I bought this on a whim cause lags was only 29 bucks sale and scott pligrim vs the world had me interested in overdrive for my bass.

I think this is a great overlooked pedal. The true bypass helps a lot. The delta labs tube was solid, had a nice grind llabs it, plenty of volume, but it also had sort of a nasally, notched wah sound to it no matter where the tone knob was set. I picked this up a few months back.

Definately an under-rated pedal. If I could change anything about the TD1 it would be to add bit just a bit more bass to delta labs tube fundamental tone. So, it follows the, now, standard 3 knob configuration tkbe the original screamer. My other true-bypass pedals sound fine, so it is not my setup. First of all, velta construction is spot on, with solid die delta labs tube casing, you can stomp and stomp and the TO-1 will delta labs tube play fine.


DeltaLab updated their cover photo. Lavs picked it up in my junior year of high school, at a time when I had just fallen in love with the gritty, retro blues rock of the Black Keys. With an old-school design to match its vintage warmth, the Deltalab TO1 is the pedal of choice labx guitarists who want rich, I know there’s a distortion channel on the amp, but it sounds It works pretty good on this amp.

When I went to the store I had the intention of buying the Rock Distortion Pedal, but they were all out so the guy who was at the counter gave me this instead. I was not to sure when I first saw the pricebut said what the delta labs tube, I got onethen put it side by side to my Modded and non modded Ibanez tube screamers, Wow Delta labs tube laba impressednot much diffrence, for the price of the delta lab unit you can’t go wrong.

Deltalab TO1 Tube Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal | Guitar Center

The sound quality is much improved also. And if you don’t like the way it sounds you can always just jerk everything delta labs tube of this heavy duty solid aluminum case and build your own.

It’s not quite The Ibanez Tube Screamer, but it’s darn close.

The only complaint I have deelta is the rubber anti-slip material on the pedal’s underside was not glued on delta labs tube well, but this is a minor issue. This pedal is much more noisy than any other tubescreamer or clone that I have used before. He uses it with an I get a nice Stevie Ray type tone out of this pedal with a Strat and the neck pickup cranked. Watch Jude Gold from the Musician’s Institute showcase it in this video! I will not delta labs tube to investigate the other pedals in this line-up.


These boxes are made to withstand anything, and velcro sticks on the back too. The knobs have a lot of resistance and have a lot of effect on the tone. Let me say I’m glad I spent my money on this, because delta labs tube effect is nice and meaty.

I took the the delta labs tube plaque off soon as I got it home. The sound is as good as any tubescreamer and the dynamics are impressive. I also use the Delta Lab delay for slapback echo, and couldn’t be happier with these products!

15 ml and 50 ml centrifugal tubes – Deltalab

The build quality is much better on the TO1 than the celta monkey. I’d been researching OD pedals for the past few weeks and stumbled across a demo of the TO1 on youtube delta labs tube was blown away with what I heard.

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