Quoting – 7oby I don’t think there’s a need to confirm this. Sargeras9 gather all relevant information in the first posting. Naturally, it was hard to see or do much in this condition, but I managed to go through some display options, thinking maybe some tweaking was necessary. You are a big help to me. Okay, firstly, I guess we can rule out the audio driver, as installing the video driver alone didn’t fix the problem. Mine never was elvated.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Its dell not microsoft or intel!!! In a processor speed test, the Inspiron placed 14 out of the 18 tested computers.

Inspiron 1525 w/ GM965 does NOT like new Intel drivers — thorough description

Thanks for the suggestions guys, I just got home and had a chance to fool around with this some more. I repasted my Vostro PM chipset, dropped the temperatures a good C over the standard thermal pad.

We WILL get to the bottom of this! Dell d auto shut down. Everything will be fine. Quoting – 7oby As I have investigated already here inapiron this thread: I read some of the guide around here and there are a few things I would like to do with my inspiron The top one with the metallic dell inspiron 1525 chipset I assume is the cpu. If anyone else wants to give it a shot, or has suggestions as to how to get this issue escalated in Dell’s chain, let me know.


Which you should consider before purchase.

However reading data, or using Internet from SIM cards is not possible without a separate wireless modem -card. So, I bought this laptop, and the display driver version that comes from Dell is 7.

Inspiron w/ GM does NOT like new Intel drivers — thorough description

It is possible to update the dell inspiron 1525 chipset driver without updating the audio driver. AnNguyenDec 17, Dell Dell inspiron 1525 chipset 15 will not connect to Wi-Fi. Just for kicks, I took a screenshot and sent it to one of my friends, and he said it looked fine, nothing was wrong.

This computer was available to purchase on the Dell website, [1] where it could be customized to the user’s specification. Dell Driver and Download Check consistently claims there are newer Driver to be installed.

That’s your call – mine would be no, it is not. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources.


The differences in the. Changing any of the other settings doesn’t do anything. I’ve sent them another email; hopefully I’ll be getting a status update soon.


There is no switch to place such a restriction on the controller either. Or maybe one of you guys from Intel can elevate this to the engineering department again?

While the Inspiron is not the only model that uses a single copper alloy conduit, it dell inspiron 1525 chipset one of the more common. Despite being a high-selling model, and receiving a large amount chipsft positive feedback, the Inspiron has also attracted some level of criticism. Follow the instructions here:.

I have also read that the graphics is integrated indo my current isnpiron so I will need to take that into account when upgrading. I suppose we should just be glad. I would like to take it off and put thermal paste on there. I may change dell inspiron 1525 chipset Audio Driver as the sound is rather weak at this time.