The larger face and higher moment of inertia of the Cleveland HiBore XLS driver makes a big difference, because the crown of the head has been carved out to make it longer and deeper. I used the launch monitor and tested a couple of other drivers and definitely hit this one the best. The club comes fitted as standard with a highly commended Fujikura fit on shaft, with a choice of gold shaft or red shaft in regular, stiff or extra-stiff. The Full Face Performance Technology seems to work, miss-hits appear to fly straighter and longer. Your email address You must enter a valid email address. Cleveland HiBore Driver Write a Review Rate This Product:

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Fades became straight shots, and only when I really emphasized the cut swing could I get it to move appreciably to the right.

Some still look odd to me, but for the most part I no longer chuckle when I look at one of these drivers at address. Well about metres on the fly is achievable with this beauty, so depending on fairway conditions you are considerably shortening holes. cleveland xls hibore

Cleveland HiBore XLS Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

I used to hit a low cleveland xls hibore with my nike sasquatch but now i hit a high draw 30 yards further this club. I aim down the right side uibore the fairway and mash this thing. The cleveland xls hibore increase from the straight and draw never have had before this club is huge. I think it does setup slightly closed as some of the reviews have mentioned.


Though the standard XLS is supposed to have a square clubface, it feels closed. If you suffer with a slice like I do, this may be the club for you. I had been cleveland xls hibore an r7 Draw driver which was very good but I was looking for something new. All this adds up to mean that the face is HUGE and packed with technology.

Strongly recommend this club as a game improvement choice. Clevelan version sets up square at address and is a must for the better player. The problem is that I hit the ball very high off the tee with the R and sometimes too much spin. I won the thing in a church golf tourney, and since I got it at the beginning of the round, I cleveland xls hibore with it today.

Cleveland Hibore XLS 8. I felt like cleveland xls hibore average distance was hurt by not being able to freely release the club for fear of the hook.

It minimizes cut cleveland xls hibore substantially. Hibire penetrating flight and the ball zooms out there. The HiBORE is not a bad looking driver, provided you can get over the scooped-out look of the head, presumably inspired by the cleveland xls hibore Halo hybrid.

CG4 irons and CG11 wedges. If you are interested in this club I would check out Golf Galaxy.


If you cleveland xls hibore the right shaft in this driver it seems impossible to miss the fairway!!!! To my surprise, I hit more fairways than I ever have before. Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

Most people say no. I purposely came over the top and held off my finish a bit.

Cleveland Hi-Bore XLS Tour Drivers

In this position the HiBore XLS driver does look very good and at impact it gave a powerful strike and solid sound. Used Cleveland HiBore Driver 9.

The trend continued throughout the round and, needless to say, I fell in love. I just bought the club there today for What do you guys think? Any other shot seemed to make the Cleveland xls hibore irritable. Reaction was far different and the XL cleveland xls hibore on to be one of the most popular drivers of last year. Everyone on the range knows you’ve ‘got hold of one’ with this baby.

It was difficult to tell center contact, because every hit felt pretty much the same.