You must be in good standing in the Amazon community to post. Roland Digital Pro Audio Recorders. Properties Number of Recording Tracks. In its original form, the sound is a bit soft for my licking. I have limited experience so far with this particular model of what used to be an Edirol audio interface, now Cakewalk. The original tape and the exported file sounded almost identical.

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I have limited experience so far with this particular model of what used to be an Edirol cakewalk usb audio interface ua-1g interface, now Cakewalk. A cool feature are the RCA inputs. Having said that, I am looking to save some money: We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. I cut my teeth using huge sound boards and I still like that environment.

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UA-1G review Cakewalk usb audio interface ua-1g purchasing this, it took a little research on the web to find out why it had a delay- I would pick a note on my guitar and it would not play until about a half a second later, which was unusable- You have to install ASIO cskewalk app here at http: Click click click aaaaaand click!

Opening up the audio preferences, I saw that all the inputs and outputs were missing. By jgroening on August 3, Its sturdy, good quality and if you don’t have Sonar software its a very good deal.


Sonar LE incorporates a console view along with the industry standard wave form view which I really love. Make sure you plug your intrrface or external speakers into the UA-1G itself and not your computer when recording.

By jmo on April 11, I first loaded the windows driver, then the Sonar LE software package, and then plugged in the interface. Its main strength lies in its method of bypassing the inherently high latency of Windows audio mixing kernels KMixerallowing cakewalk usb audio interface ua-1g, high speed communication with audio hardware.


Roland UA-1G Digital Recording Interface

About this product Product Identifiers Brand. The end-result was excellent.

I have spent hours searching Cakewalk pages and Line6 forums etc for a fix, your link to the fix has sorted it! Those days are long gone, but a light bulb went off.

When your review is displayed on Cakewalk usb audio interface ua-1g. I didn’t go for a Pcmcia pc card sound card as this slot are being phased out.

ASIO bypasses the normal audio path from the user application through layers of intermediary Windows operating system software, so that the application connects directly to the soundcard hardware. Being from the same era I share similar experiences.

I believe this is the case at 96kHz level only.

When it was working, this was the best USB audio interface I’d used so far. In its original form, the sound is a bit soft for my licking. Only products offered on Amazon can be linked.


Cakewalk usb audio interface ua-1g can dig out old records, cassettes or whatever and BANG! Once I installed that and performed some basic troubleshooting, WOW! If you’re a more serious musician with more VSTs than me then you could be looking at something more expensive. I’ll find another interface.

Cakewalk UA-1G USB Audio Interface Review – The Gadgeteer

You are limited to 10 product links in your review, and your link text may not be longer than characters. After the mods were done, this audio interface sounded amazing… but it required major cakewalk usb audio interface ua-1g.

Very good for software synthesisers or any kind of sound work, obviously. It sorted it out for me. After about an hour of hacking around with the UA-1g and the software I was able to record tracks with ease. If you have the spare cash and interfacf similar setup though, I would go for this.