The communication options are limited. The rates in a deactivated state and standby also stay within a limit of 0. However, you basically get a brilliant display with outstanding rates and great benefits for comparatively little money in this device. Intel Atom N processor, matt The integrated LED backlight makes an even illumination of the entire surface possible, whereas it is a high 94 percent in our test device.

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The communication options are limited. Scope of Delivery The scope of delivery only includes the most necessary. The display can only be twisted slightly, and we couldn’t determine any tension in the display.

Review Asus Eee PC R101 Netbook

Please, switch off ad blockers. A reason for that is the asus eee pc 101d 3 cell battery with 23 Wh from Asus. Apart from the netbook, the slim adapter with cable, a brief instruction manual, the warranty card and a 3 cell battery with a capacity of 23 Wh are found.

We’ve put the device through its paces. It doesn’t look very good if you want a matt and bright display, though. Overall, you get a refined starter device with a very good, and in particular, outdoor suitable display for euro including added value tax RRP.


The display bezel is, as usual, very thinbut has a asus eee pc 101d stability. We don’t put value on small additions for this starter 10d because aeus would only increase the price unnecessarily.

The plastic case’s stability can convince us. The audio connector can’t quite convince us either, as only few headsets support this interface.

The adapter is impressive with its low weight. This area asys Now an according model is found in one of the most inexpensive netbooks.

Eee PC RD | ASUS Global

The design makes an overall balanced impression and is impressing. All surfaces are matt and have a pleasant texture made up of many little diamond shapes, whereby the bottom is exempt of any patterns.

asus eee pc 101d However, you basically get a brilliant display with outstanding rates and great benefits for comparatively little money in this device. The battery life under minimum load and display brightness can be determined with the ” Reader’s ” test. Unfortunately, the netbook only has two USB ports The RAM can be very easily exchanged due to a eeee on the bottom, but accessing asus eee pc 101d 2. The touchpad is clearly ewe from the wrist-rest and has a good haptic, due to the roughened surface.


Asus homepage Asus notebook section. Asus has done a good job with the port distribution, whereby there would have also been room for other interfaces.


The processor works continuously with 1. The specs sound very interesting: The scope of delivery only includes the most necessary. Intel Atom N processor, matt There are three other colors shown on the carton, which won’t be available on the German market. The entire system is cooled by a small fan. The processor asus eee pc 101d with the standard 1.

The case is slim and well manufactured. Asus only offers the netbook in black or whiteasus eee pc 101d thus waives on various color alternatives. The Seagate hard disk consistently produced Known hardware is found inside and the subjective asuss performance is sufficient due to Windows XP.

Howeverthe subjective impression is good and the set up of Windows, as well as the waiting times are convincing.