Asus has, however, surprisingly allowed itself plenty of time as to the topic of Ion, so a powerful GeForce M graphic card combined with an Intel Atom CPU, as there are already comparable competitor models on the market. PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice. Color saturation is better than average although only in a narrow viewing range. Video und Gaming Performance. It also supports multitouch gestures such as pinching to zoom, rotating fingers to rotate an image, and using two fingers to scroll.

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Sound was surprisingly good for a notebook of this size.

Availability on this netbook is quite limited but there should be greater supplies at the various Internet retailers asus 1201n in January.

Picking up and carrying the netbook on its display asus 1201n is also possible without further ado.

In aus, the reflective display surface has to asus 1201n listed here, as so often, which annoys with reflections both indoors, as well as outdoors in adverse light conditions. This also applies to the Ion solution, which leave netbooks with a typical configuration far behind, but are back in line in comparison to asus 1201n configurations of larger notebooks.

Asus Eee PC 1201N

This minimizes the netbook’s mobility quite a lot. Memory operations per second. But, so to say in the same breath, we also have to counter with a few cons.


The displayed content asus 1201n, images, desktop symbols can be individually adapted with asuz zoom function.

We’ll only make single tests following asus 1201n comprehensive asus 1201n of Samsung’s N netbookequally based on the Ion range. The compared chips were very close asus 1201n the single-core test. Asus Eee PC N 2, A further difficulty is that qsus CPU doesn’t support Speedstep and therefore runs with the full 1.

That may be true, but I never use a purse so it doesn’t matter to me. Asus 1201n Mini It only delivers “up to 3. Opening up the screen you can tell the hinges should hold up for a long time with strong tension that prevents the screen from flopping around once opened.

It also contains a sleek mechanical keyboard, as well as a bumpy touchpad. One strength of the Eee PC asus 1201n has always been its long battery asus 1201n. You get a thin and light netbook that excels at being a portable multimedia station.

ASUS Eee PC N Review

Asus 1201n, switch off 1210n blockers. The Asus N isn’t asus 1201n, as it’s usual for netbooks, on an Intel chip set, but on the nForce i chip set from Nvidia. Our prototype came along completely in black. A tingly charge coming from the touchpad. A dead zone in the center area, where inputs are either not at all accepted or only with especially strong pressure, is annoying.


This screen diagoal is quite large for tablets but small for subnotebooks. Rendering online content will likely be the most frequent contact point with the issue HD. Thus, the user now has two interfaces for connecting external image display devices available.

Asus 1201n the cause and tell your assu representative to support Right to Repair.

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Headphone, microphone, Card Reader: The speakers had no low frequency response and just a small hint of midrange. Asus asus 1201n the case size with the label N, thus 12 inches. Temperature The heating up of asus 1201n chassis stays within limits in every operating mode.

Apple MacBook inch, Apart from a key for disabling the touchpad, the Eee N doesn’t have any other hotkeys.