I am convinced that my RSI is caused by years of attempting to type on flat computer keyboards and when I mentioned my condition to my technological advisor, grandson Arthur, he told me that I needed an ergonomic keyboard. Own an iPhone or iPad? A Googie Kerosene Heater! If you haven’t identified yet what the cause of the problem is, you will probably just get RSI in the other hand and have two sore wrists instead of one. Leave a Reply Name required Mail will not be published required Website.

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Do you have RSI? This keyboard could change your life

A gel wrist rest placed along the edge of the desk may help you to you to stop doing this, as well as encourage you to avoid dorsiflexion. Feb 9th, at 1: Probably just snake oil. Customers antk Amazon testify kkeyboard the keyboard reduces and eventually cures tendinitis, carpel tunnel, RSIand related keyboard injuries for many customers.

Some of the things you can choose:. Anti rsi keyboard fact, I hold my anti rsi keyboard at the correct angle when using any keyboard, and would do the same on this one.

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Compucessory Multimedia A-shaped Anti-RSI Keyboard –CCS

This setup allows for greater comfort and speed leyboard typing by reducing the length anti rsi keyboard your hand has to stretch to reach these function keys, which is one way typists tend to run anti rsi keyboard pain and discomfort. Additionally, you can see from the images that the Kinesis Advantage2 is a split keyboard with two keyboard wells on either side. Rest pads on both sides of the keyboard and more flexibility of the wrists than with your hands fixed parallel to each other means released pressure on the tendons.


If you are very overweight, you may also find it difficult to find a typing position which avoids ulnar deviation.

To avoid the list getting too long, ArsClip automatically moves older items into another section, but you can anti rsi keyboard access these clips via another menu. Here you can weigh the pros and cons of each keyboard and choose the keyboard that best fits your lifestyle.

5 Free Software Tools To Help Prevent RSI And Make You More Productive

A Googie Kerosene Heater! In fact, Workrave has several different timers for different kinds of break: They give your body time to recover from the rigors of the workday. If you get an Evoluent Vertical Mouse and install the drivers, then it comes with its own break timer software. Mechanical keyboards will appeal to older people who like anti rsi keyboard have never really got used to the flat silent type. Ad posted 21 hours ago. In fact, if you have an Apple Mac keybkard it is already anti rsi keyboard in with either your Anti rsi keyboard Mouseor the multi-touch tablet known as the Magic Trackpad see right.


Bad posture is a primary risk factor in RSI.

As you use these tools, Workrave runs a timer and at pre-determined intervals, will pop up a dialog to remind you to take a anti rsi keyboard. This unique solution allows the user to easily adjust their hand positions to the exact position that they find most comfortable.


How does it help prevent RSI? Over time pun not intended! But it is still good advice. See 5th image for description.

Now available for Kindle! Anti rsi keyboard is fully adjustable. Nov 19th, at The ergonomic aspect also comes from its folding capabilities—the two halves of the keyboard are connected at the top and center and form a sort of teepee that can be adjusted to your comfort. The site shows this convincing-looking anti rsi keyboard Jul 19th, at Holidays are a great idea. But the Kinesis is compact in comparison, reducing unnecessary strain on the shoulder caused by repetitively reaching for the mouse.

Reaching for a non-ergonomic keyboard from this position forces your hands together in a tight, unnatural position.