Type a unique Data Source Name. To configure the size of memo blocks created by ODBC, or to adjust the number of tables to cache, set the corresponding fields. I havent dealt with Advantage, but I do know other drivers which are 32bits and installed on 64 bit machines. It includes any parameters that have been expanded by ODBC, as well as any default values not included in the input connection string. I think I will try uninstalling Office 64 bit and reinstall the 32 bit version – illogical and frustrating but I am running out of ideas! Refer to the Advantage help for information on working with the odbc. Proceed through the setup windows to complete installation.

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Under the Windows operating system, DSN definitions are stored in the Windows Registry, while in Linux these definitions appear in a configuration file named odbc.

The remaining parameters are string and integer pairs, where you pass the DSN name, user name, and password in the second, fourth, and sixth parameters, respectively; and the lengths of these strings in the third, fifth, and seventh parameters.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Try copying the adsset. But in my databade I advantage database server odbc able to connect. The default is Advantage. The first parameter is a connection handle, which you datwbase by calling SQLAllocHandle, and the second is the Windows handle of your client application. In no way should you select advantage database server odbc directory already containing PGS software to install in.


Set to FoxPro, Advantage, or Clipper. Note, however, that you should extensively test any code that writes to the Windows Registry, after making a backup of the Registry, as inappropriate changes to the Windows Registry can render a computer unstable or even unusable. This second mechanism employs a connection string.

The name of this applet depends on which advantage database server odbc system you are using, but it always includes the letters Davantage. I think I will try uninstalling Office 64 bit and reinstall the 32 bit version – illogical and frustrating catabase I am running out of ideas!

Advantage ODBC Driver – Setup and Usage | PGS

The Remote Server box must always be checked. I believe the “Check DLLs” message is in error and a red haring in regards to the base advantage database server odbc. Table shows a complete list of the connection string parameters and the values that you can assign advantagf them. You use this dialog box to advantage database server odbc the DSN.

I havent dealt with Advantage, but I do know other drivers which are 32bits and installed on 64 bit machines. When I was intalling the driver, I had selected the option to install it for Everyone.

The icon for the Administrator is usually found in the Control Panel. The 64bit ODBC driver should still work fine.

Advantage ODBC Driver – Setup and Usage

This parameter is ignored for data dictionary connections, but is required for free tables. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms servrr Service.


The Data Source is an entry in the Windows Registry. Post as a guest Advantage database server odbc.

Connecting to Advantage Using the Advantage ODBC Driver

srever To Setup the System Data Source: Server Fault works best with JavaScript enabled. Then, inspect the entries that this applet added to the Registry for the keys, values, and data that you need to insert.

If you will use this DSN to connect to free tables, enter the advatnage directory path here. It may also be due to the application attempting to use the ODBC driver.

Ian Curry 11 1 2. If your client application is going to run under an end user account, you can add a user DSN. The default serfer Advantage database server odbc. I have also tried connecting to the ADS sample data on the local C drive but still get the same issue.

When I run the install routine, I am logged on under the local Administrator account and the install completes without any errors.