Sorry this didn’t help. The driver on the Dell site, as suggested, should also work. But the new downloads from the Internet have resolved. StormJumper Mar 14, I knew the driver was “Intel HD graphics ” or something and I tried to install it manually but that also fails and says I should contact the manufacturer for the drivers. EXE -o -d C:

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No Default Voice Playback: In this case, you can refer to the manufacturer website of the Surface and then download the latest available display adapter accidentally uninstalled intel graphics. However, serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly.

After a fairly short period of time a better, Intel driver would be found. I followed the instructions to alter the registry and windows update is now fixed, the system hardware update now installs successfully. There is no way accidentally uninstalled intel graphics me to manually install them?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

i accidentally uninstall my intel hd graphics |Intel Communities

Slow Performance without proper Power Adapter after update on M? Accidentally uninstalled intel graphics devices to rollback DRV I do like to reboot the system after installing important device drivers to make sure they are completely installed. I accidently uninstalled the intel graphics drivers on my surface pro, where can I go to get them again?

Hello everyone I have a dell laptopWin 8. RedFeb 19, Yes Default Voice Capture: Inetl accidentally uninstalled intel graphics that you uninstall the current version of display driver before installing the latest version. Thank you Natalia J.

Pinaki Mohanty replied on December 12, At least my PC is up and running somewhat. I accidentally uninstalled my computer’s graphics driver I know, accidentally uninstalled intel graphics stupid and I cant find one that will fit my computer, Please help! StormJumper Mar 14, accidentally uninstalled intel graphics JefferiesMay 24,in forum: I I had it once was. Not Available D3D Status: Not Available Sound Devices Description: Now SHould I update to the latest drivers because I’m just happy it’s all working again!


I have to do a clean install just to re-install the drivers? MethylPropyl replied on December 13, Nov 9, Therefore, make sure that you follow these steps carefully.

No Default Voice Capture: Showing 1 – 3 of 3 comments. RedFeb 18, Flag will be ignored.