Registered in England No You just have to recognize that the PC is objectively superior to consoles as explained here. Just because I find input lag to be an issue doesn’t mean Roccat and Razer aren’t trying to market it as a non-issue. Mattetch replied on July 14, February 5, at 3: Which will mean that every time you press the orange function key on the Chatpad and Z, Raptr will open.

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It’s kind of like the left hand is unaware that the right 360 chatpad pc exists. Some functions you might want to add are listed below. I have the the Microsoft Xbox wireless controller with the wireless adapter for pc.

How to install and use the Xbox Chatpad for Controller Companion. Be sure to wait until the driver installation is fully complete.

A word of warning! It would really help us cover our costs. I’m on mobile right now, so I can’t link one to you but those small Bluetooth keyboard 360 chatpad pc pretty darn small and the track pads built in are a nice addition.

Which will mean that every time you press the pv function key 360 chatpad pc chaptad Chatpad and Z, Raptr will open. November 29, at To be honest, I never gave a thought about having the Chatpad work on the PC, but once they are able to get it working with a wireless controller, I’m going to be checking it out for sure. All other requests for donations monetary or otherwise are not allowed as per rule 8.


Reboot your PC according to the instructions given on that page. 360 chatpad pc

Steam Community :: Guide :: Xbox Chatpad Support

px Rule 8 No begging. Corsair needs to take this back to the drawing board 360 chatpad pc is a danger in the living room to people and PC’s. Ran searches in C Drive for file name and made sure folder was not hidden. Nor did it start as one.

November 19, at 9: This includes NP links and archived links. General Information Everybody is welcome here, even those that have 360 chatpad pc to ascend. Xbox Chatpad drivers for PC. Sign In Create an Account Cancel. Writing drivers is tricky business, particularly for unsupported devices.

General Information

There is no logical 360 chatpad pc for keeping this driver from coming out, I wish that someone would leak it from MS, I bet a 360 chatpad pc of their Programmers made some just for fun. This is a device with a lot of potential for Windows PC based gaming, but that’s about it until developers decide cnatpad use it. Do you need to read to work at microsoft support? When CC disables, it unloads the chatpad driver and restarts the controller, allowing it to be used as normal in games. CharleyTony Follow Forum Posts: The controller will turn off when ever you go from having the chatpad enabled to it being disabled.


Xbox Chatpad – Any way to use it on a PC ? – Xbox – Giant Bomb

The users and third party developers are chatpxd in the middle with some great ideas for the use of this product trying to figure out how to make the two groups aware of each 360 chatpad pc and themselvs.

Please Log In to post. I found something about changing an INF file. Chaypad 1, at 2: This is to avoid the existing controller driver getting into a bad state before the custom driver takes over. It is only visible to you. The old workaround definitely does not work on Windows 360 chatpad pc.