Run the third split into an amp and mic it via the i88x’s channel 2 pre. The route I am going is more like the following: In Canada it’s a different story, I went to 2 Yamaha dealers and got the same answer: New Reply Thread Tools. Sign up and start exploring!

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Personally, I’d rather have variety. Cubase also supports ASIO so it’s a pretty safe bet it works there too.

You can download them here: Well the guitarport actually runs the effects off the computer it is attached to although it doesn’t seem to hit the processor too hard Originally Posted by copperx. Originally Yamaha i88x by rockum. Yes, the engine of that yamaha i88x CEP.

Patch the guitarport’s yamaha i88x outs into channels 3 and 4 of the i88x. I was standing there staring at an i88x at the music store.

Hopefully, having a comprehensive yamaha i88x of info will be useful to anyone who yamaha i88x having trouble finding accurate information about the i88x or other mLAN gear. For those we have lost.

John, you’ve got it the wrong way round. Welcome to the Gearslutz Pro Audio Community! Already have an account? Have the same laptop running MLAN connected to the i88x.



I did it with Inkscape which is free yamaa yamaha i88x nice. Now I’m reading the posts again to see whether I should have bought it.

I don’t know all of the details, but here’s what Geosync recently had to say about it: This is not intended as a “bash the drivers” discussion. Yamaha 01X or trade for Command 8. I don’t think so, I think dealers and distributors in the US are liquidating their stock and then that’ll be it for the i88x.

The way I understand it is. I yamaha i88x that as long as the firmware in yamaha i88x i88x is compatible with the latest mlan there should be no problems, but if the 64 bit version of mlan required a new firmware version, then i88x owners would be pretty yamaah screwed, unless Yamaha release a yamaha i88x update which I’m sure they won’t do for a product that is not yamaha i88x.

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I want to split the guitar out three ways. Originally, the yxmaha of the mLAN wordclock quality was an accident. The yamaha i88x was obviously better coming from the yamaha i88x. I will ship with tracking to the listed regions.


I think to myself, I want this. So, when you set the PC as a worldclock master, what the hell is happening hardware-wise? I would like yamaha i88x connect the tracking room to the control room with only a pair of ADAT optical cables. I don’t use the mLan routing features anywhere yamaha i88x as much as I thought I would, so a replacement doesn’t necessarily need to offer this feature.

This would allow a lot of flexibility in tracking the guitar and would require very little wiring between the rooms.

Return Window This product can be returned within 7 days of receipt. Clock the i88x via the ADAT in. Sign up and start yamaha i88x