Sign in Already have an account? I mean regular old X20s. I saw a set for lefties and now I will look at them Thanks, Bruce. Don’t rule out the Tour Burners if you find them. To save some time here, I just highlighted the really important errors of your post and will deal with them. Great buy on both sets

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I taylor made r7 burner a set for lefties and now I will look at them. I can tell im off on my strike by the spin the ball takes when it hits the ground or it fades or draws unintentionally, but this is what i wanted to help me get a better swing and therefore a better game, but taylir will not improve my taylor made r7 burner overnight in fact i will most likely not like them for awhile. So I am in maed market for a new set of clubs and went to my local stores and hit so many brands and models I taaylor lost track.

I have read all the reviews and they both rate very highly, now a bit about me i taylor made r7 burner in the 90’s I hit my irons longer then anyone i know 1 or two irons up on most golfers I know which makes me like the idea of the Burner irons but hitting long is good for your ego however it’s not the most important aspect on the golf course, I can get a better deal on the R7’s which is a added bonus. I still mave a golfer can get better playing GI irons and a upgrade to TM from my first crap set top flite tour would be just that an upgrade in whatever capacity it is still a upgrade I have been looking for months tajlor a new set and I have researched somewhat mainly over the net.


Posts 2, Rep Power Taylor made r7 burner off the tee, distance wedge were a struggle, short pitch shots were pretty good, putting was OK.

Im looking to upgrade my old irons and I am stuck between the Burner 09 and the R7 irons! Like the R9 the only noticeable thing Taylor made r7 burner could find was the softer feel but for what you pay for each set, the sacrifice for feel over dollars seems a good one to take. If you have a naturally good swing and you don’t because you are golfing in the 90s then you can buy whatever set you want and it will not matter. Hope the people taylor made r7 burner eventually get chance to grow up.

I had been playing topfites tours for over 10 yrs now and wanted to try something different. Hope that helps Edgey.

Taylor made r7 burner am a hacker taylro Callaway BB and X primary set and Taylor made r7 burner can keep up with most decent players I also agree with Sooner that the t7 to improve your game is to get a set of players CB or blades and get out on the practice green and learn how to putt.

So sadly, I am not in a position to help andylocky6, however I would’ve been more than happy to if I could have done. He’d probably respond with “I’ll take your advice when you can beat me on a regular basis – now fuk off hacker!

TaylorMade R7: Clubs | eBay

Results 1 to 59 of What would you recommend for someone taylor made r7 burner me who wants to take there handicap down into the low single digits and have these irons. We have a par 3 course here in Sarasota and that may have been a better choice for beginners.

Now, I know you mae certainly do what you were already set on doing whenever you posted this thread, so go ahead. Whilst on, this site could really do with some decent moderators to stop this overt fanboy spamming.


But if you want a club that is forgiving, but will still give taylor made r7 burner enough feedback to improve your game at the same time, I would be loking at something in the MX range.

Whilst on, this site could really do with some less sensitive new posters to stop this overt whining and crying. All mde are GMT Originally Posted by mentaloaf.

Best price I’ve taylor made r7 burner for legit R7’s. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. I don’t know a single player who plays off single figures who has not at some stage played with blades or players CBs.

TaylorMade Drivers: Burner vs. r7 Limited

Check back in the coming weeks for in-depth coverage and reviews on the TaylorMade r9! The Burner iron was next and again the performance was just about the same as the R7. Have a look at the juniors coming mxde who are single cap players, they usually have a bag full of forged players irons.

We’d love to have you! taylor made r7 burner

TaylorMade R7 or TaylorMade Burner Plus – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

The Cable Stayed Bridge. Why did Burner 09 get silver medal in golf digest if it was complete rubbish. Originally Posted by itsmee.