The AG-DVC30, however, has something for the wedding, documentary, sports, nature and even industrial videographer. However, once understood, the pictures are crystal clear, the sound from the add-on mic supplied is a delight also, very crisp. The video from the DVX was beautiful, no matter what mode we shot in. Camcorder has been tested working and is guaranteed fully functional. By Schubert from Czech Republic on The Panasonic PV-DV is a sleek camcorder with the features hobbyists need to make high-quality video productions. Even a good external telemicrophone is included.

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I think for this price, it has no concurrence. The learning curve is high, with many extra controls on-screen software to master.

Panasonic AG-DVC30 Mini DV Camcorder Review |

I purchased this model early last panasonic dv camcorder from another source after using a Sony Hi 8 for ten years. Further, it was panasonic dv camcorder that the vast majority of the video shot by most videographers with this camera is going to be played pwnasonic on standard interlaced NTSC television, which means your gorgeous 24p is going to be telecined to interlaced 30fps anyhow 60i.

Leica lens with a clean filter thats been on it since new. By planet from noosa heads qld on Optical image stabilization worked precisely and gave handheld shots an even and steady look. By Roop from India on The AG-DVC30 has a solid feel and is moderately heavy for a small camera, but is still very well balanced. The image can be endlessly panasonic dv camcorder with a host of camera controls and groups of custom settings can be saved to two panasonic dv camcorder modes, instantly accessible with the mode dial.


Been in storage past 5 years, includes the charger and one battery. To insert a tape, you swing open the view screen and then hit the eject button, we liked this much better than the bottom loading arrangement of a number of other camcorders, which interferes with tripod mounting plates.

The Panasonic PV-DV is a sleek panasonic dv camcorder with the features hobbyists need to panasonic dv camcorder high-quality video productions. The DVX also has a manual focus ring located on the lens barrel, but, unlike the zoom, it isn’t a true mechanical ring.

Panasonic dv camcorder used in the fully auto mode, it is hard to fault, but still leaves the option of manual control. The video from the DVX was beautiful, no matter what mode we shot in. Automatic, Custom Shooting Programs: For folks who are just beginning, or for people who want to move to the next level, this panasonic dv camcorder will fit the bill.

Camera with camcotder good handling. Auto focus is not the fastest, but is very smooth and does not fool easily by moving subjects or panning.

This is a drawback if you want immediate manual access to all three camcordwr these critical controls. This handy feature turned a no-image situation into a panasonic dv camcorder, albeit grainy, scene.

Also shop in Also shop in. If you need to panasonic dv camcorder the auto focus, you still get a cool auto-assist. The included 8MB memory card was brand specific but the card panasonic dv camcorder was SD-card ready, which would allow shooters to use the more general-purpose cards purchased separately. There is a significant but small pause while the camera switches cakcorder the progressive modes 24p, 24p advanced and 30p.


Test Bench: Panasonic PV-DV701 Mini DV Camcorder

Item has wear from previous use including minor scuffs and scratches. A good example is the well-placed auto-manual slider at lower left rear of the body. By Vit from Panasonic dv camcorder on Friends who have seen my videos have commented how close to normal TV they are, and when they panasonic dv camcorder they are watching TV, they don’t know the difference! However, once understood, the pictures are crystal clear, the sound from the add-on mic supplied is a delight also, very crisp.

Panasonic AG-DVX100 3CCD 24p Mini DV Camcorder Review

Later, when camocrder clouds cleared, the camcorder’s sensitive auto-exposure panasonic dv camcorder rapidly adjusted the image, displaying vivid colors and excellent detail in full sunlight and only slightly muted colors in shade. You can control the zoom using the fingertip rocker or via the handle, but we liked the responsive manual lens-barrel zoom the best with stops and panasonic dv camcorder markings.

By Fangs from Bridgetown W. This is the first consumer-priced camera to offer 24 frame per second progressively scanned video camckrderwhich theoretically makes video look like it was shot on film.

Panasonic dv camcorder camcorder has sign of previous use with only minor scratches on the casing, and is in excellent condition all over the unit.