Help us by reporting it. Lipman Post by David H. You are close but not correct. By tosca in forum Windows. I also replaced the ghost. Have you tried using the universal drivers? Such as a 3c

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Rudi Langhanki Marvell Yukon Ethernet Controller Again, thanks for your help. I also replaced the ghost.

Help us by reporting it. The other solution, is use a different NIC for Ghost cloning. If your particular problem is not listed or the error persists, please send your system event log file to our tukon support.

No Marvell Yukon driver built into the Technical Preview

But it is possible. Release Notes Related Drivers I have got a few Samsung p laptops. Originally created at Brigham Young University, it is now the property of Crynwr – http: Make sure that Windows is installed with the latest Service Packs and updates.


Ghost boot disk files? Once the mouse driver is loaded, ghost. Lipman Switch to a Crynwr Packet Driver.

I cannot get the boot disks that I create to work. The following shows an example of use an ODI driver and then using odipkt. Is there anything that I need to download from Marvell’s website for this, or is what I have already downloaded all I need? You are close but not correct. Check me on my understanding. Windows Thread, need working marvell yukon ndis ghost disk in Technical; I have got a few Samsung p laptops.

You are saying that I use ghost to create this Packet Driver? By tosca in forum Windows. Marvell Yukon Ethernet Controller Driver Ykkon Thank you, thank you.

need working marvell yukon ndis ghost disk

So I went back to Marvell’s website http: Post by David H. This README file explains how to install the driver installation package on a system running one of the following operating systems: Direct Download External Mirror. For further information, please contact support. I have set one up and am in the process of creating the image using ghost 7.


The Intep Pro set drivers did this on our pcs, ghost woudl just hang you had to use the command switch “ghost -inf” or was -fni can not remember it off top of head, worked a treat after that. If you should encounter any problems with your driver installation package, please re-read the instructions above and the documentation supplied with the operating ndi2 carefully. I am using Ghost 7. Ghost boot disk issue???

Any help that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.