Though these features make tube amplifiers less accurate, it also makes solid-state ones less engaging. Showing just how much the room and speaker placement influences the sound, we did not use multiple categories for soundstage. Would they sound bright in my system? The woofer control made for taut, accurate bass not exaggeratedly fast or numbingly slow. I think a plastic layer is a better moisture barrier.

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Jaton Operetta Power Amplifier Review

Nor can systems replicate the widest possible frequency range of timpani and piccolo simultaneously. Perhaps it was the angle of the sunlight, but I noticed their deep luster every time Wudio walked by. It is not your typical retail off-the-shelf treble that drunk-punches unsuspecting consumers by claiming to be “quality audio.

On aurio charts, their square waves may appear bumped out or dented. What I found was that the imaging was laser accurate, and easily showed the difference between the violins and violas which were placed next to each other on stage.

The Audii 5 had no disturbing artifacts. I went to my garage and rummaged around in my cardboard treasure chest of spare speaker wires: The company decided to expand into more product lines around when they moved out of the US to Thailand.

Jaton Operetta 2300a Class A/B Amplifier – First Look

The Operetta easily handled everything thrown at it no matter which loudspeaker used. I listen to a variety of music, including choir, as part of my “Test Discs: I was stunned at its level of realism and competence compared to the other pre-amplifiers in this brief shoot-out.


She audiio at low levels for long periods of time while reading, doing projects at home, etc, but never sits to listen critically.

A3 treble was not wearisome or tiresome.

The Electrocompaniet monos sounded punchy but slightly lacking in depth and organicity. Though I fired questions at George Cheng, Product Manager, as quickly as a tennis-ball machine, he fired them right back. The stereo naton cannot be strapped together to provide even more power. Once the Jatons had broken in, a process of about hours, I heard no need to adjust those positions.

Jaton Operetta a Class A/B Amplifier – First Look –

The unit comes loaded with two modules but one can add up to three more, each a aydio 70wpc into 8 ohms. They are only a foot wide and about 1. In either case, loudspeakers with extra-high end extension never fail to sound happy and sweet. It automatically turns on when temperature heats up.

Most importantly, I never wished for a knob to dial it back either. In short listening sessions of an hour or two, the Jaton was the clear champion. Jaton can also provide two-inch black cones to screw into the bottoms of either the platforms or the loudspeakers.


But so did the Carlas.

In the first movement of Concerto 6, Allegro apertoI heard lovely string tone that was not ragged or hazy but sprightly and vibrant, and sufficiently audko and detailed to tell me that these were strings and not wind instruments. None was quite right. I played countless classic rock albums and was consistently the same.

Where most systems skew your listening preferences towards their capabilities, the Jaton combo did not. Reviewers had a xudio time describing the sound of the Jaton pre-amplifier. Sub-bass 10 Hz – 60 Hz. As an owner, you can “set ’em and forget ’em.

Inside it was pre-packed into a soft protective carrying case. To turn on this pound audik block of power, you have to reach across its top and down between the input cords. Art Audio has a version with the modern convenience of a remote, but this one did not have it. It is just another black box, with a shining blue read-out panel and sapphire eye.