Screw Identification Table Controls and latches operable with one hand and minimal dexterity. Session keys are used during a specific host session with the printer. When the key is removed, the printer will still print but confidential forms will not. MarkVision Messenger enhances administrators’ quality for service and improves end-user productivity and satisfaction. Duplex Sensor Test IBM customers may obtain a specially priced toner cartridge in exchange for their agreement to return their empty toner cartridge back to IBM for recycling.

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Integrated Tray Compensator Assembly Model N01 is the low voltage model and model N02 is the high voltage model.

IBM Infoprint Specs – CNET

ibm infoprint 1140 Restore Ep Factory Defaults Printing Menu Settings Page This feature is mutually infoptint with the 2-key security feature FC Session keys are used during a specific host session with the printer. This feature includes a cable that plus into the Ethernet port.

Input Tray Tests Eligible fonts must be marked. In order to capture a font, it must be marked as eligible and public. LV 2, in1 28P Infoprint in U.


Main Drive Assembly This optional input source is designed to be installed beneath the printer and below any other optional input sources. Call ibm infoprint 1140 REAL source!

Any fonts captured and saved in the printer’s hard disk or flash memory are saved across instances of the writer. Refer to Prices section for ServicePac offerings.

When ibm infoprint 1140 key is removed, the printer will still print but confidential forms will not.

1140 Paper is picked from the primary tray and paper exits to the primary output bin. When ibm infoprint 1140 envelope feeder is installed, the auxiliary tray is not usable. Duplex Front Cover Assembly Main Drive Service Check Ibm infoprint 1140 following table lists the number of fonts available in each emulation. For Infoprint and IPDS emulation, offset stacking is supported in the printer’s standard bin and the finisher bin.

IBM Infoprint 1140 Manuals

Parallel Port Service Check This standard memory is soldered on the controller board. If more than one flash feature is installed, the feature with the largest capacity is used. The UAT enables the customer to feed from a tray quantities of custom-size media that range in 1mm increments from the ifnoprint sizes outlined in the Media Sizes, Types, infoprintt Ibm infoprint 1140 Section. Transparencies specifically ibm infoprint 1140 for xerographic copy machines or laser printers may be used with the Infoprint The staple cartridge contains staples.


Paper Input Sensor PSF defines fonts as either public or private. This option offers two-sided printing capability.

Input Tray Feed Test Staplesmart Finisher Tests Output Bin Feed Test The components of the Usage Kit are part of the base printer.