Name of the data server that will appear in Oracle Data Integrator. The example file generic-ds. Old thread, but for anyone coming to this late and wanting to view the link above, it does work but has an extra dot com in it. Zemian 71 1 6. The number of milliseconds between runs of the eviction thread.

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You can download the latest version from http: The latest versions are extremely stable and reliable. The following statements demonstrate this:. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand ndbc your continued use of the website is subject to jcbc policies.

As a consequence of this JBoss Support does not provide any official support for Hypersonic. The group was formed in and has released several major new versions of the database over the years.

HSQLDB JDBC Driver and URL Information

Hypersonic SQL also supports auto-numbering columns, called identity columns. Visit Site for more For large tables, it is more efficient to retain only a few records in memory and cache the remainder on disk.


It hyoersonic known for its small size, ability to execute completely or partly in memory, its flexibility and speed.

Local transaction datasources are configured using the local-tx-datasource element and XA-compliant ones using xa-tx-datasource. Granted there are excellent Java drivers for the major databases in the market: This has led me to search for a standalone Java database.

Hypersonic SQL: A Desktop Java Database

jdbv Checks data integrity against constraints defined on a Hypersonic SQL table. Set to true to validate database connections when they are returned to the pool.

Second, they are too difficult to set up and maintain for your average desktop user. DataSource Configuration Files Using the Kodo DataSource 4.

How to join details on SupportWare page. This is the maximum number of connections that Kodo will give out to your application. A value of 0 disables hypresonic pooling. Finally, the licensing costs can be prohibitive when doing a large-scale deployment.

The engine has been developed much further in version 2. Note that validation only consists of a call to the connection’s isClosed method unless you specify a ValidationSQL string. The datasource is pointing at the database called test provided by default with MySQL 5. Versions released kdbc recent years have enhanced reliability and performance. The maximum number of database connections in use at one time. Force all connections to be rolled back when they jxbc retuned to the pool.


The minimum number of milliseconds that must elapse before a connection will ever be re-validated.

This script outputs the product breadcrumb required for edocs documentation. These include table spaces for disk-based tables, more compatibility functions and improved SQL routine hyperzonic.

HSQLDB JDBC Driver and URL Information

We would also highly recommend consulting the JCA wiki pages at http: There are few alternatives for standalone projects. Create for this physical schema a logical schema using the standard procedure, as described in “Creating a Logical Schema ” of the Oracle Fusion Middleware Developer’s Guide for Oracle Data Integrator and associate it in a given hypersonif.

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