This is an effort to write new drivers for some SB cards for Windows, but they have doc. I just found out that my Audigy 4 non-pro sounds clearer when I use mplayer to upsample my audio data to 96kHz, instead of sending it in Other options may be available depending on the specific card. Drive IR and RM remote. I have upgraded my Mandrake 9. How do I get the driver to truly use 5. But a workaround does exist:.

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AC97 – set this reasonably high 94 Capture – Set this to midrange 53 and capture press space You then have an option of several inputs which can be set to capture.

Emu10k1 mixer in ALSA

I have a wintv board and the bt87x driver was added to this version of alsa, so it was also added to my system – the problem is that I lost sound under KDE. Don’t forget to unmute and turn up the “Music” slider number 19 of the emu10k1 mixer. Because Audigy hardware works this way.

But the playback from any stereo wave-file will work on all 5 speakers, only the Line-In don’t. They don’t even show up in the alsamixer. The Linux Kernel 4. This is valid for my SB Live!


Sound Blaster Live!/Audigy and E-MU Digital Audio Systems devices

I also have an Inspire 5. If you have an “Audigy 4” card and already have alsa configured, but you get no sound out emu1k1 it, try the following only for analog outputs:. The problem is the same for all ALSA versions since the audigy2 was first supported up to 1.

Which of these input channels have physical inputs connected to them depends linjx the card model. ALSA compiled into 2.

Meterbridge is helpful here, and the kX forums are packed with useful information. Personally, i get 5.

Alsa Opensrc Org – Independent ALSA and linux audio support site

I’ve capture set to both Capture and Mix hit space in alsamixer — that isn’t documented on the man page. Note that some usb-audio devices do not have internal mixer controls. Before doing this, even the LED on the LiveDrive won’t blink, emu1k1 it usually does when a button on the remote is pressed. The drivers have a emk10k1 in common, but reading instructions for the wrong card can be very confusing.

The ALSA drivers shipped with kernel 2.

Views Read View source View history. And the solution provided here explains the technical background for why the loading of the soundfont fails. I can’t have both of them. I have got an Audigy 4, which works pretty well in 1. I tried playing with all the mixer settings but still can’t get rid of this. The 16 input ports are connected to the 16 physical inputs. If you don’t want capture midi synth output set “Music Capture” 0. Is there a solution for this problem?


The mixer named “Master” just controls what comes out of my front speakers. I don’t know for sure.

Status of current ALSA hg repository support: The issue, apparently, is that some SBLive cards have their analog front signals inverted, which cancels out the bass on some speaker systems Cambridge Soundworks four-point systems, for example.

If you don’t want to do this you can of course compile them into the kernel instead and e,u10k1 yourself the hassle of coming to terms with the rc init scripts.

I have also disortion!

OSS – Open Sound System, it is a little bit older and dated technology oher crrect me if i am wrong it has been depricated in the 2. Just starting out and have a question?