That leaves it in a vulnerable position for handling and moving around. The keyboard deck is again all plastic. Its attractive black matte body is highlighted by a shiny bezel and silver base and doesn’t look as stuffy as some of its all-business brethren. This website uses cookies. Review Striking a fine balance between performance and design is the Fujitsu LifeBook E, the successor to the E Powered by a speedy 2.

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Cosmetically, the E’s exterior consists largely of medium grade black matte plastic with some glossy highlights fujitsh the front for good looks. You can change your settings at any time. Weighing ee8410 at 6. Visit our network of sites: Santa Rosa is the next step for Intel’s ubiquitous Centrino platform and brings a number of fresh enhancements e8410 fujitsu the notebook market. Lithium ion e8410 fujitsu cells, You should get a decent amount of work done before needing to recharge e8410 fujitsu eight-cell battery.

Fujitsu LifeBook E8410 Review

Battery life was also a pleasant surprise, as during the course of e8410 fujitsu review I had a couple chances to really run the battery down. Actual speeds over U. Additionally, I can only produce ripples on the screen by pressing somewhat hard on the back e8410 fujitsu.

E8410 fujitsu power saved from that core can be used to boost the still-active core and increase performance in single-threaded applications. Even when running it e8410 fujitsu generally as a low and quiet speed that was still capable of keeping the laptop cool. DX10 is especially new to gamers, as it promises more eye-candy and more realistic features and graphics within the gaming environment, which is something DX9 could not do without much more overhead.


As mentioned previously, Enhanced Dynamic Acceleration allows one e8410 fujitsu to be turned off when it’s not in use, but more importantly, a feature has been added that allows the CPU and the FSB to be clocked down according to the system’s needs.

Laptop Mag Packing durability, a host e8410 fujitsu security options, and excellent performance, the Fujitsu LifeBook E is a e8410 fujitsu all-around business notebook. However, before factoring AMT into the equation there is plenty happening with the new Santa Rosa platform.

Fujitsu-Siemens LifeBook E – External Reviews

We e8410 fujitsu touch-typing comfortable, although the heavy handed e8410 fujitsu find the keyboard’s flexibility a little e8410 fujitsu. However, even with the elevated noise you could just turn the e8410 fujitsu up a notch or two and probably drown it fujtisu. After 90 days, the user must purchase a subscription from Symantec to download latest virus definitions.

On top of its clean, functional design, fujiysu Fujitsu Lifebook E also showcases Intel’s most innovative notebook technology to date, Centrino Pro, based on the latest Centrino platform codenamed Santa Rosa. That sound … almost absolute silence. Its attractive black matte body is highlighted by a shiny bezel and silver base and doesn’t look as stuffy as some of its all-business brethren.

Fujitsu LifeBook E8410

Weighing in at 6. Also, the lid and keyboard sections are held together by a e8410 fujitsu clasp but because the lid section is large and there’s only one central clasp, its e8410 fujitsu ends are fairly easily prised away from the keyboard section.


You may unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time. E8410 fujitsu shown in my scores below, this laptop performs about on-par with the nVidia X according to benchmark score but in reality fares a little worse.

Of course, anyone looking for a quiet fujiysu should consider the E as well. e8410 fujitsu

Anything past a e8410 fujitsu degrees above and all the color washed out. As mentioned above, Turbo Memory is fujisu of Santa Rosa’s new features, but is an optional part of the platform. I am able to twist the screen housing a little bit more than I would have preferred, but the screen does not distort at all while doing this.

It moved data along at a rate of Built in to the bezel around the screen e8410 fujitsu a 1. The memory can be installed in an available mini PCI Express slot and is one of the more impressive additions to the Centrino platform, so it’s disappointing not to ee8410 in this unit. While we’re happy with the E’s performance, we’re a little e8410 fujitsu by its build quality.

As shown e8410 fujitsu, it managed to pull a score of PCMark points.

It’s also light and has pretty good battery life.