Also on top is a small metal swivel with a wire loop for attaching a lanyard or wrist strap, which is not included. See details for description of any imperfections. Tablets by Dan Ackerman 8 days ago. Performance I’m not sure if it’s because of the higher resolution screen, but even the basic apps come up a little sluggishly when compared to just about any other Palm OS machine, including the Palm V. Expansion and Connectivity Expansion Slots. The plastic here is also chromed.

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It is spring-loaded, so it can also launch the light and small Memory Stick a few feet if you’re not careful. Also new is the incorporation of a “Hold” button. Additional Product Features Display Resolution.

The special stylus I could take or leave, but you can adjust the volume and change tracks while running other programs with the stylus controller, so it definitely has a place in the overall design. While you can move files from a Memory Stick to memory and vise versa, you cannot move files from one directory to another on the card, which is also a little frustrating. Which iPad you should buy: Finally, below that is the Hold switch.

Programs can be run from the Memory Stick by copying them over and associating them via the MS Autorun application. It uses a tree structure similar to the HandEra Here’s how to get the most out of your AirPods, and a few things you may not cllie.


Sony CLIÉ PEG-NC – handheld – Palm OS – 8 MB Overview – CNET

A powerful, beautiful pg that needs a software overhaul A powerful, beautiful tablet that needs a software overhaul by Scott Stein. Tablets by Scott Stein 5 days ago. On May 1Sony Electronics unveiled its peeg generation CLIE handheld, marking the first time a Palm-Powered handheld will offer an embedded digital audio player and a high-resolution x pixels color screen.

Unauthorized reproduction in any form is strictly prohibited. The earphones included with the NC are both beautiful and comfortable, even though they actually clip onto your ear. You may also like. It allows one to install program and data files as well as music files.

Flash Memory Installed Size. Show less Show more.

Sony PEG-N710C

Chassis Included Expansion Base s. More pixels mean more detail, and this small device beats even the Pocket PC for clarity. The Audio Player screen is baby blue with a dial icon in the upper left corner that tells you what functions are currently available via the Jog Dial.

The also smooths out the icons, where the NC retains the standard, jaggier icons, even among programs that are written specifically for this device. Compared to the new Palm m, which uses similar reflective screen technology, the NC works in more lighting situations, always appearing with a near-paper-white background, the Holy Grail in this industry.

Its ability to be used as a multi-purpose storage and multimedia player increases the value exponentially. It’s only a few key steps away from being Apple’s killer computer. The material looks identical to the plastic back, but it is magnesium.


Sony CLIÉ PEG-N710C – handheld – Palm OS 3.5 – 8 MB

Expansion and Connectivity Expansion Slots. It may pfg a little too thin, but it’s readable. A quick checkmark in the HiRes Prefs window eliminates the problem.

The back is made of plastic and has only the reset button and a notch to lock the unit down in the cradle. Overall, however, Sony has ppeg an excellent handheld whose primary benefit is useable color in all lighting situations.

Located directly below the Jog Dial navigator, the new pfg button offers users even quicker on-the-go access to personal information. Small upgrades sweeten the deal just a bit Small upgrades sweeten the deal just a bit by David N10c. Instructions on this are a little less than clear with the beta unit and manual I received, so I was only successful in associating an application, in this case PictureGear Pocket viewer on the MS with insertion of image files. Games do not work well, with this, though, so you’re able to select individual applications that you do not want to benefit from this help.