Here is my Question:. I can write and read through another software made by the chip company. If I combine two commands into 1 array i. I inherited a LabView application that controls 30 Sorensen power supplies. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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This applies to the lsdaq window as well.

Here is my Question: Did anyone ever try to install and run labview runtime engine or later on windows embedded standard 7 p bit. Does anybody have some experience with the electronic loads from chroma modelnummer is for mainframe i 66310 some problems with the labview drivers chroma provided, even if i belive it is more a problem of the unit than the driver.

Is it i didn’t install completely? All specifications are subject to change without notice. Hi, I have been trying to use the following progam to fix the voltage output of Agilent nA and readout the current measurements. This is usually due to a required driver not being installed on the system.

I am using a pololu serial 8 micro controller to control 8 servos simultaneously. Once the error occurs, it cannot talk to any of the supplies.


Labvlew have also tried splitting up the arrays and then converting them to strings and then concatenating the string, though I get the same error as before.

Chroma 63600 labview torrent

Has any one setup communication between hagiosonic stargazer and labview. It almost seems like the FTDI driver is getting locked up. I have install the NI And found there are question mark in palette.

If you are using labview nxg, you already have ni package manager installed. Chroma ate chra electronic load usb driver for. I’m newbie in NI product and linux. Is there anythng wrong with using the voltage configurartion driver to set the voltage or is there a better way to write a voltage to the instrument. I can write and read through another software made by the chip company.

I was wondering if anyone has tried something similar to this and was able to get it to work.

Chroma ATE Inc.-Drivers Download

Here is some other information: I can detect the port COM4. I have installed the driver of FTDI chip. Thanks in Advance for your help.

Transfering measurement data from to labview. Chroma mainframe for 2 load modules chromas series dc electronic loads are designed for testing multioutput acdc power supplies, dcdc converters, chargers, batteries, adapters, and. It starts with an error code: This document will guide you through the steps for downloading and installing chroma instrument drivers for use with the national instruments labview development system on a windows operating system.


Chroma ATE Inc.-Drivers Download

Result by LabView help: I am trying to figure out if this will work, for example on a beckhoff cx embedded pc. The chroma electronic load mainframe accepts the userinstallable series load modules for easy system configuration.

I have called the DLL file. Notice that this is a different utility than vi package manager.

Browsing All Articles Articles. As i know NI have a communicator program for testing communication in windows base but i didn’t find it in linux.